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3. competition among producers of concrete roof tiles quite tough.

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The rapid growth of housing development has led to an increase in the population of roofs
Ceramic tile manufacturers, especially those producing modern roof tiles made of cement and ceramics.
The emergence of these companies in turn has caused competition in the modern roof tile business.
On the other hand, consumers have more opportunities to choose the tiles that best suit their taste.
Many producers produce different types of glazed roof tiles and skylights.
PT Metropolitan Keramik Utama, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Group, has started selling its latest product, ceramic roof tiles.
The company\'s ceramic roof tiles are supplied to their property sector and the free market.
Its factory is located in Kalawan, West Java, adjacent to the factory of PT Metropole vinilindo Utama, which produces the basic materials of vytiles tiles.
PT Metropolitan Vinilindo Wanda Plaza is also under the theMetropolitan group.
The emergence of big-
The size of the roof tile industry companies indirectly threaten the survival of traditional roofs
Ceramic tile home industry producing roof tiles with clay.
Although many of them managed to maintain operations, some had to stop production.
In Yogyakarta, for example, about 300 of traditional roofs
The archives industry is on the verge of bankruptcy because they cannot compete with large enterprises.
A scale company that produces modern roofing documents.
Until the beginning of 1990s, the housing sector had a high demand for concrete roof tiles.
Concrete roof tiles are durable and relatively cheap.
However, since 1992, consumers have moved from the concrete roof file to the ceramic roof file.
Today, in
Houses of scale and luxury tend to use glazed ceramic roofs as they are more aesthetically pleasing than other types of roof files.
According to sources from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, there are currently 29 concrete roofs
The comprehensive production capacity of ceramic tile companies operating in Indonesia is 80.
8 million units per year
Of these 29, however, only 26 are actually operating.
The largest of 29 concrete roofs
Tile Company is PT MonierIndonesia in Indonesia, with an annual production capacity of 24 million units.
Indonesia PTMonier began operations in 1976.
Business operations with foreign investment (PMA)
Plan, this is PT TirtamasMajutama jointly owned (30%)
Indonesia (Indonesia (60%)
And their foreign partner, Rediant International (10%).
PT Monier Indonesia plant is located in inTangerang, West Java, producing roofing documents using local production and imported basic materials.
It purchases sand and cement from local sources and oxide and gep from imported sources.
In 1995, Monier was 15 years old.
There are 6 million glazed tiles, accounting for 65% of their production capacity.
According to some information, the company sold 13 successfully in the same year.
9 million units of Rp 13 billion.
Second largest concrete roof
The ceramic tile manufacturer is PT ConroofindoTrias Corporation (
CLX with an annual production capacity of 12 people. 5 millionunits.
Domestic investment and operation (PMDN)
CTS produces concrete roof tiles of the type \"Garuda\" and \"Royal\" and their fittings and sells them under the brand \"Mutiara.
\"According to the general manager of CTC, the company managed to produce 8.
There were 5 million units in 1996, of which 4 million were from the Tangerang ang plant and 4 others.
5 million units from Yogyakartaplant.
This 1996 of production accounts for 68% of the company\'s production capacity.
Counter-Terrorism Committee 90% of output in about 1996 was jabotabek area of housing project absorption (Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi).
CTC started operations in 1994 and requires 210 tons of cement per month, a requirement provided by Tiga rods.
Main competitor of CTC concrete roof
Crown, Monnier, Kia, Intan, Abadi and Cijangkar are available for tile products.
The third largest concrete roof
Indonesian tile producer PTBermis Sarans Wisma began operations in 1987.
In addition to concrete roof tiles, PT Bermis--
Operate three factories in Bagor, Indramayu and Bandung, respectively, all of which are m westJava--
It is also possible to produce 450,000 units of ceramic brick, 1,800,000 units of concrete brick and 1,125,000 units of ceramic floor tiles. Table -
1 several concrete roof tile manufacturers and their production capacity, source 1997: data consultation production situation 7.
9% Indonesian concrete roof-
Tile production continues as demand grows.
It reached only 41 in 1992. 9 million units
At 1996, the number rose to 56. 6 million units
During this period, it grew at an average rate of 7 per year.
9%, reaching the highest level in 1996, that is, 16. 7%. Table -
Indonesia cement roof tile output 1992-
1996 Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade/data consulting marketing and price concrete roof-
Ceramic tile manufacturers sell products directly to consumers through dealers (
Projects and individuals)and retailers.
Monier, for example, through its distributor, Kopkami (
The monieremployees\' cooperation).
At the same time, CTC sold its production to projects, individuals and retailers in large quantities.
According to a source from CTC, direct marketing is more effective than direct marketing because it reduces shipping costs and saves storage space.
The price of CTC \"Mutiara\" concrete roof platform is Rp 1,400/unit of \"Royal\" type and Rp 1,500/unit of \"Garuda\" type (
9 units per meter).
These prices do not include 10% VAT.
Indonesia, which has already exported, has successfully supplied concrete roofs.
Ceramic tile products for export market.
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the volume of concrete roofs in Indonesia
Ceramic tile exports are growing.
Rising from 157.
A total of 8,000 units from 1992 to 5 years.
7 million units in 1996. Table -
3 Indonesian FRP roof tile Manufacturer exit, 1992-
1996 note: The average weight of a FRP roof tile Manufacturer is 4 kg Source: CBS/Data Consult, Singapore, 1996 is the largest destination for concrete roof tiles in Indonesia; it imported 5.
4 million units of the latter.
The Philippines is a potential major importer of concrete roof tiles in Indonesia.
The same year, the country imported 100.
6,000 units in Indonesia. The.
Other importers, such as astawan, Australia, Thailand and the United States, share of the total annual concrete roof in Indonesia
Ceramic tile exports are relatively small, less than 100,000 pieces per piece. Table -
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