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affordable polycarbonate panels solid order now for ocean hall

affordable polycarbonate panels solid order now for ocean hall

Affordable polycarbonate panels solid order now for ocean hall

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7--15 days
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Redwave , Ketelong ; OEM available
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Product Introduction:

Redwave PC stripe sheet is made from polycarbonate  resin which one side flat with UV protective layer, and the other side reinforced ribs regularly, as concave and convex shaped, which possesses the excellent weather resistance, excellent impact resistance, and it can be easily bent, not only beautiful but also economical, especially suitable for the canopy. Its single layer structure is easy to install with PC hollow sheet visual effect without the blackening sign caused by water inflow. Sheet material with stiffening ribs can enhance the sheet rigidity and save the cost of materials. 

Product Specification:

Standard width:1220mm 、1560mm 、1820mm 、2050mm

Standard thickness:2.0mm ; 2.5mm ; 3.0mm 

Standard color: transparent, blue, green, bronze

Texture : big stripe ; small stripe

Scope of Application:

Rain tent, daylight roof commercial building, residential

building, factory building, warehouse, motor shed, Partitions

for swimming pool, greenhouse and indoor chamber.

The careful design of polycarbonate roof panels are totally made for the users' convenience. It features adjustable options for the ultimate comfort
Redwave polycarbonate roof panels features an assortment of stunning design styles. Its overloading protection helps avoid potential fire incidents
The deviation of Redwave polycarbonate roof panels is spotted through ongoing quality control techniques. The product is protected by glass that remains cool to the touch
The appealing design of Redwave polycarbonate panels comes from talented design team. The product is plug and play - just hang on the wall and plug them in
Redwave polycarbonate panels is manufactured from upper material and technique. The product is plug and play - just hang on the wall and plug them in
This product is highly anti-static. It is not easy to build up static electricity when it is suffering friction or rubbing. The product is protected by glass that remains cool to the touch
This product is safe. Its fabrics have been tested and it does not contain harmful chemicals, such as lead, formaldehyde, and phthalates. The product can be an eye-catching focal point to any room
The product is known for high sewing quality. It is folded properly with no pressure being applied on seams during sewing, hence no open or broken seams occur.
The product has a cushion layer. This cushioned layer can disperse the foot pressure to reduce the shock from heels hitting the ground. The product is not susceptible to moisture
This product is known for its durability. It has the ability to resist pilling and has colorfastness to light, heat, water, and other factors.The brand logo can be printed on this product
The product does not produce an unpleasant smell. It has passed the GB 18401-2003 standards, and it has been proved to free of stale odor, AZO, and other chemicals' odor. The product has the advantage of overheat protection
The product is known in the industry for its distinguished features. Its LED lights can provide the light intensity of day or night
The product suits a diverse range of application needs and is widely used in the global market. It poses no risk of electrical hazards
The product is well-received in the global market and has a great potential of being used more widely in the future. The product can create a cozy and classic environment in the living room
By years of development, the product has successfully gained trust from clients and tends to be more applied in the global market. The product is protected by glass that remains cool to the touch
Matching up with the exact requirements of customers, the product is now widely used in the industry. The product is a must-have for child-friendly homes and cozy living areas
A range of options is available to meet customers' needs. The product is extremely energy efficient, saving people's money on the electricity bill
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