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all about clay roof tile

by:Redwave     2020-03-13
When it comes to roofing materials, clay roof tiles are probably the most respected.
It is also the most durable;
Clay roof tiles dating back to 2,000 years are still used for home construction in the Mediterranean region.
It is also popular in Latin America and the southwestern United States. S.
Clay roof tiles are very common in classic tasks
Fashion home in Los Angeles Basin, Spanish-speaking
More than a century ago, colonial architecture became popular.
Clay roof tiles are like pottery or ceramics, and clay roof tiles are kilns-
Fired for extra strength
The main difference is that while pottery is made by hand on wheels, clay roof tiles are made with molds to ensure they are uniform.
These special roof materials must be carefully designed.
In general, they have to meet two important criteria: 1.
They must be locked each other for simple and reliable installation.
They must have the right channels to lead the water to the rainwater pipes they create, and the master craftsman may add different pigments to his/her material for making clay roof tiles.
This can increase or enhance the appearance of the final product;
Some techniques can also be used to make clay roof tiles look aging or weathered.
In any case, once a clay FRP roof tile Manufacturer appears during the firing process, special protective glaze is applied.
In most cases, these roofing materials can last more than 100.
How does it enhance the look of your home, only durable and colorful clay roof tiles, their edges create interesting shadows, and as the sun goes through the sky they cast different patterns throughout the day, A unique visual interest.
Of course, this is not available to every family, and there are good reasons to suggest that clay roof tiles are not common in the northern part of the Earth.
Depending on where your home is, you\'ll want to choose one of the three levels of clay roof tiles.
The first grade can withstand the worst frost and winter in Montana.
The second is like this;
It can resist a certain amount of ice and snow, but it can crack if the weather often drops below 32 degrees.
The third grade clay FRP roof tile Manufacturer is only suitable for the mild Mediterranean regionstyle climates.
Level 1 tiles are the most expensive as you would expect.
If you decide to use clay rof tiles, it is also important to know that they are much heavier than standard composite roofing materials.
If you intend to use clay roof tiles, be sure that the building in your home will be able to withstand this load.
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