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benefits of going with clay roof tiles for your home in ...

by:Redwave     2020-02-21
Clay roof tiles are one of the most respected roofing materials of the day with elegant and unique architectural styles, especially in the coastal areas of Kerala in India and around the world.Use of modern-Clay roof tiles for waterproof, fire-proof, rust-Proof and weatherCost-Since the clay bricks are very durable, the cost of maintenance seems to be minimal.The clay FRP roof tile Manufacturer has natural thermal insulation properties, making a great contribution to the overall thermal insulation and energy saving performance of any household.
The clay roof tiles have rust and corrosion resistance, which means they are suitable for installation for longer periods of time in any harsh coastal environment.The life expectancy of ceramic tiles in Kerala is over 80 years old.The raw materials used to make these tiles are natural and non-naturalThe water flowing out of the tiled roof contributes to the collection of rain;Roof tiles can reduce the cooling requirements of materials.
It acts as a thermal barrier that reflects up to 95% of the radiation heat from the roof space.There is absolutely no need to say that clay roof tiles in Kerala are the most obvious choice for Kerala families.Not only will it increase the charm of your house, it will also reduce your operating expenses in power and maintenance.
Since clay tiles and roofing materials in Kerala are made in an ecological environmentEcological friendly wayFriendly materials to ensure you will enjoy the ecologyFriendly home for centuries
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