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Can inferior resin tiles be used? What are the hazards?

by:Redwave     2023-01-25

The aesthetics of modern people is constantly improving, and they are pursuing environmentally friendly, durable, and beautiful buildings. However, synthetic resin tiles meet people's aesthetic requirements and are designated as special materials for my country's flat-to-slope projects. It has been widely recognized and used all over the country, and is well received by consumers, and it also adds luster to the better life of consumers.

Synthetic resin tiles are booming in the roofing building materials market, and the vicious competition in the market is also very fierce. In order to reduce production costs, unscrupulous merchants change the formula indiscriminately and produce sharp resin tiles to compete in the market. Low quality creates low prices. Many farmers do not understand the characteristics of this new type of tile. Many unscrupulous merchants use low prices as bait and succeed repeatedly. Many resin tiles made of inferior materials flow to the market.

Although the resin tiles made in this way are not much different from good tiles in appearance, such cheap products do not have the excellent performance of resin tiles, and fading, cracking, embrittlement, etc. may occur in one or two years or even a few months. If there is a problem, it will lead to water leakage. If it is serious, it can be broken directly by hand.

Using low-quality tile roofs is cheap for a while, but it is not cost-effective for a long time. Changing tiles is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. It takes time and energy to change tiles once, and problems will occur quickly with low-quality tiles.

In other words, it is troublesome if you don’t want to change it; if you don’t change it, it’s too ugly and leaks, because you don’t understand, customers who buy cheap and inferior tiles think they have picked up treasure, but in fact, after one to two years of use, they will find that the tiles will start to open. The water leaked and had to be removed and replaced.

In this way, not only did not save money, but it was exhausting, costing money and effort. The high-quality synthetic resin tile is made of advanced four-layer co-extrusion technology. The surface material of the resin tile is ASAT resin with ultra-high weather resistance. The color is durable and not easy to fade, and the service life is longer than that of inferior resin tiles. More than ten times, eliminating the high cost of later maintenance.

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