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ceramic roof tile industry showing signs of revival. (trade).

by:Redwave     2020-03-18
Like most other building materials industries, the tile industry has also been hit hard by the economic crisis, especially in 1998 and 30 years.
Over the past two years, the production of tile roofs has dropped by 50%, reflecting this bleak situation.
Demand for ceramic roofs declined as many real estate and housing projects were put on hold or delayed.
Some people are even idle when they are half done.
In 1999, the situation remained bleak, but it began to improve later that year.
The situation was much better in 2000.
The total number of ceramic roof tiles produced nationwide reached 60.
5 million pieces, an increase of 60% over 1999 or pre-crisis production levels in 1995.
PT limited Keramik Mas is a subsidiary of Ongko Group, which started operation in 1984 with an annual output of 4. 8 million tons.
In 1989 and 1998, it expanded its capacity to become the largest in the country.
PT Abadi Genteng Keramik Jatiwangi, formerly known as Firma abadistart, began operations in 1945 to produce common roof tiles made of sand.
It did not start producing ceramic roof tiles until 1993 when its name was changed by PT Abadi Genteng Keramik Jatiwangi.
It now uses Italian technology for an annual output of 24 million tons.
Its ceramic roof tiles are the type of Maradional and Morando, branded ofABADI.
Later, the company owner built another tile roof factory under PT Raja keramik Indah in magalanga, West Java, with an annual output of 24 million tons, but due to marketing problems, the factory was forced to suspend operations from the end of 1997 to 2000.
The factory resumed operations earlier this year (2001).
PT Keramikatama Intirona Persada is the original nameof PT Indah Keramika pakasa.
It is a subsidiary of Kida group with the brand name KIP.
Surabaya also has a factory named after the \"good year\" brand.
Due to the crisis, the downturn in the export domestic market forced ceramic FRP roof tile Manufacturer manufacturers to seek to deal with their products in the international market.
Exports are small in quantity and value, but this attempt has successfully offset the decline in sales in the domestic market.
Exports soared to $13,000 from $146,000 in 1997, to $411,700 in 2000.
Exports to Brunei, the Philippines, Malaysia and Bangladesh.
Meanwhile, the imports of roof tiles fell sharply from $1,945 in 1995 to $20,000 in 1999.
The decline was due to the soaring import prices caused by the devaluation of topia.
Demand for imported ceramic roof tiles has increased since 2000.
The imported products are mainly from Italy.
Italian products are in high demand among senior members of the community.
Good opportunities after a long recession, the recovery of the housing development sector has brought opportunities.
Not only does the new house need tiles, but the old House also needs tiles to be replaced, especially the renovated house.
Ceramic roof tiles have begun to become popular among the middle class, especially as prices become more and more reasonable for them.
The price of PT Abadi Genteng Keramik is Rp 1,900/ceramic FRP roof tile Manufacturer, which is not far from the price of color Sand tile.
According to a study by the Indian consulting company, the consumption of ceramic roof tiles in the country will reach 126.
In 2005, it was 1 million pieces, almost double the consumption in 2000.
In 1997, the consumption of ceramic roof tiles had reached 72 million pieces.
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