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chennai metro rail removes unsafe roof tiles

by:Redwave     2020-03-07
Sources say Chennai Metro has removed at least 50 roof tiles from all the city\'s subway stations, which they suspect could fall.
A few days ago, the roof tiles of Shennoi Nagar subway station fell on the head of a passenger and wounded her.
According to officials from Chennai Metro Co. , Ltd (CMRL)
Soon after the accident, they began checking to see how many stations had such tiles.
\"We have thrown out more than 50 tiles in almost all the subway stations and we think they are easy to drop.
But we will not replace them with another round of fresh tiles;
\"Instead, we can fill it with concrete and paint that space,\" an official said . \".
Recently, like Chennai Airport, roof tiles have fallen off at Chennai Metro station.
On October 29, a few weeks before the accident at Shennoi Nagar subway station, another tile at Egmore subway station collapsed.
But no one was hurt.
Officials declined to comment on why Roof tiles collapsed.
The source said that this is due to poor construction quality and poor workmanship.
\"First of all, it is a bad idea to fix the tiles at such a height.
\"It should be considered what happens in case it falls on the passenger,\" a source said . \".
In addition to the tiles, some subway stations such as Nehru Park and pasapa College also have some glass panels cracked.
Meanwhile, CMRL installed a rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation system in four subway stations
Anna nagarta, Anna nagarh and Shennoi Nagar-
According to a press release.
103 KW of the power systems in the ancillary buildings of these power stations will generate 13,800 units per month, saving 34,744 KW per year.
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