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concrete vs. clay roof tile

by:Redwave     2020-02-23
The FRP roof tile Manufacturer is made of natural clay or concrete.
The tiled roof is one of the most durable roofing materials on the market, with little maintenance required.
They were born with fire.
The insulation performance is relatively high.
When choosing clay and concrete roof tiles, buyers should consider the functional and aesthetic differences between the two materials.
Both materials are very strong and durable.
The average use time of concrete roof tiles is up to 50 years.
While this is much longer than many other roofing materials, it is still not comparable to the life and durability of the clay.
Natural clay bricks can be used for centuries without breaking down due to wind, water or rain.
Clay bricks are made from dirt baked in the kiln to remove moisture.
Because it\'s by all
Natural products that are environmental friendly and easy to recycle.
Concrete is made of extruded Portland cement, lime, sand and water.
It can be added with pigments or dyes to provide color, or it can retain its natural gray finish.
The price of concrete roofs is about half the price of clay bricks.
However, the life of these products must also be taken into account when assessing costs.
Clay is easy to grow a few decades longer than concrete and does not need to be replaced frequently, it will be worth more over time.
Clay roof tiles are known for their rich red or terracotta coloring.
They can be glazed or unglazed to change their finish, but always found in some shades of red, orange, or Earth.
Regardless of the weather or damage, this material will remain in color over time.
Using pigments or dyes, concrete can be done in any desired color, but will fade over time.
Even with the addition of dyes, it is difficult to match the natural attraction of clay.
One of the biggest problems with clay bricks is that they are easy to crack or break due to freezing and thawing cycles.
Because of this, they are usually found only in warm climates.
Concrete is not easily damaged by freezing and can be used in almost any climate.
Concrete and Clay tiles are quite heavy compared to other roofing materials, but Clay tends to be heavier in both.
Unless the roof frame is reinforced to support the increased weight, these tiles are generally not recommended for use on existing buildings.
Some concrete bricks can be made with light shale instead of sand, allowing them to be used in existing buildings without reinforcement.
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