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Do you know the purchase methods and skills of roof tiles?

by:Redwave     2022-08-25

1. Color

People are visual animals, and our eyes are the main source of information for us. A good roof tile should be rich in color. Therefore, the color library of a good roof tile must be comprehensive, so as to meet the needs of various types of buildings. It should be noted that the roof tiles used on the same roof must ensure the uniformity of color, without spots or different shades of color, otherwise, the overall aesthetics will be reduced.

2. Material

The development of modern buildings is very rapid, and there are various shapes such as hyperbolic, recurve, ball, cone, and arc. Roof tiles are required to meet all roofing needs and solve the problem of special-shaped structures that are difficult to achieve with traditional tiles. So choose a roof tile with a soft material.

3. Weather resistance

The roof needs to experience wind and sun for a long time, so when choosing roof tiles, we must pay attention to their weather resistance, waterproofing, strength, and corrosion resistance. In addition, in the purchase of roof tiles for northern buildings, try to choose roof tiles with relatively high density, and also consider frost resistance, otherwise, the tile surface will peel off and break due to too low temperature, thereby shortening the service life and service cycle.

4. Convenient construction

'Time is money', in the 21st century, efficiency is the most important, and roof tiles with convenient construction are obviously more popular than traditional time-consuming and labor-intensive tiles. Short construction period, transportation, and handling are all included.

5. Dimensions

The size of the purchased roof tiles must be accurate, so as to ensure that there will be no gaps during construction, and the overlapping will be tight and will not cause rainwater leakage. If the size error of the roof tile is relatively large, it may also cause warping after laying, and there will be large gaps, which is extremely unsightly.

6. Green and environmentally friendly

This is also the most important point. With the rapid growth of my country's economy, the issue of environmental protection has also reached an urgent point. Whether it is garbage classification or the newly introduced 'plastic reduction order', advocating environmental protection has become the common appeal of people all over the world. Therefore, the country's promotion of environmental protection is certain. The same is true in construction. At present, my country is promoting the development and application of green building materials. Therefore, green building materials are the mainstream of the market. High-quality roof tiles should meet the national green building materials standards and can be recycled without causing pollution to the environment.

As a building roof decoration material, not only aesthetics but also practicality should be considered when purchasing. The above content is the introduction of roofing tiles. Among the types of roofing tiles, aluminum-magnesium-manganese tiles are the most widely used in the market and have a good anti-corrosion effect.

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