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Easily distinguish the quality of synthetic resin tiles

by:Redwave     2022-11-11

Synthetic resin tiles have the advantages of large size, not easy to fade, and high strength. However, some small factories have also been born in recent years. Due to limited funds, they can only continue to reduce costs from production and put them into the market to attract consumers at low prices. This makes the synthetic resin tiles purchased by some friends experience cracking, deformation, fading and sagging after a few years of use.

To easily distinguish the quality of the tile, you must first understand what is causing these conditions. It may be that the quality of synthetic resin tiles is poor, such as products processed from recycled materials, which are easy to arch and break; in addition, during production, the technology is not up to standard, resulting in high moisture content of the tile, resulting in shrinkage and deformation, which will form after installation on the roof. Uneven camber. One is that the installation process is not standardized. If it is caused by the former type of reasons, you should pay attention to it when you buy it, and choose a good quality synthetic resin tile. The methods are as follows:

1. Distinguish between recycled materials and virgin materials. Generally, recycled materials will contain a lot of impurities, so many characteristics of virgin materials are weakened, such as poor color, impurity and easy fading; the bottom is not smooth enough, and there are uneven small particles And the distribution is more, this is made of recycled materials.

2. Carefully observe whether the surface layer and bottom layer of the synthetic resin tile are smooth and uniform. Some manufacturers have just started their business, and the machine debugging is not in place, or they use production equipment with a long service life that has been eliminated by large factories. The surface is not very flat.

3. After the high-quality synthetic resin tile is burned with an open flame, it will be extinguished after leaving the fire and will not support combustion, resulting in a small amount of blue smoke. Inferior synthetic resin tiles produce a lot of irritating odor and thick smoke when they are burned, and continue to burn after leaving the fire source. If there is a problem with synthetic synthetic resin tiles caused by improper construction, we are required to select and choose an experienced installation team when selecting the construction team.

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