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Factors that vary widely in the price of resin tiles

by:Redwave     2022-11-11

General experts know that resin tiles are made of ASA on the basis of traditional plastic steel tiles, and then add auxiliary stabilizers, plasticizers, CPE, ACR, and other raw materials, as well as a small amount of calcium carbonate powder as raw materials, and then go through the equipment co-extrusion technology once. Processed, the standard roof tile material thickness is 3.0 mm, and the error cannot exceed 0.1 mm, but today, many manufacturers have to play with raw materials in order to compete.

Factors that vary widely in the price of resin tiles:

1. Start with the thickness. Although the material selection is all qualified, the strength is greatly weakened due to the thin thickness, and the price is only a few tens of yuan lower. It is the same material and the thickness is thinner. You can win in terms of price. Advantages, but the service life of these resin tiles is greatly reduced compared to the standard thickness.

So when you buy it, you can look at and feel the thickness with your hands. If you have the conditions, you can also measure it yourself or ask the salesperson to measure it.

2. The decisive role of the resin tile is a layer of anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet ASA on the surface layer. The price of this layer of the protective film varies greatly with the difference in quality. The price of a good ASA can be sold for nearly 40,000 yuan per ton, and there are also ASAs with a performance of more than 10,000 yuan, so the choice of one layer of the film alone can save a lot of costs.

Furthermore, the ratio between raw materials is also very important. Just like mixing cement mortar, the viscosity will be greatly reduced if too much sediment is added, and it is not good to add too much cement. It is necessary to master the ratio between the raw materials.

When the raw material ratio of resin tile, some manufacturers will increase the weight by adding more calcium carbonate, so that the whole cost will be low. Knowing this knowledge, you should pay more attention to these aspects when purchasing. The principle of getting what you pay for is here. You need to pay more attention to resin tile roofing materials with similar appearance but very low prices. Bought it without a second thought because of the cheap price.

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