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For self-built villas in new rural areas, what materials are available for roof tiles?

by:Redwave     2022-11-20

In recent years, there have been more and more self-built villas in the new countryside. In small mountain villages, the roof tiles decorate the small villages with various colors. For self-built villas in new rural areas, what materials are available for roof tiles?

1. Glazed tile

The glaze on the surface gives the glazed tile a variety of colors, but the glaze on the surface will shrink when it encounters cold air in winter, and expand when it encounters high temperatures in summer. Thermal expansion and contraction can easily cause the glazed tile to crack. This is a big problem for glazed tiles. When this layer of glaze on the surface is cracked, water will seep, so repairing becomes a big problem because the glazed tiles are pieced together one by one. trouble.

2. Glass fiber tile

Also called asphalt shingles, it is composed of asphalt, fiber, ceramsite, etc. There are various shapes and colors, and the installation is simple and efficient, which can save construction time and cost. Moreover, the surface of the glass fiber tile has hard-colored sand, which can resist ultraviolet rays. Glass fiber tiles also have disadvantages. The disadvantages are: short service life, the aging phenomenon will occur in ten years, normal glass fiber tiles have a service life of fewer than fifteen years, and glass fiber tiles have poor flame retardancy, and the fire will burn easily. stand up.

3. Cement tile

It is one of the most popular roof tiles in the past two years. As a new type of building material, the novel, simple and smooth shape is widely used in slope roofs such as villas, foreign houses, self-built houses, etc., but the installation and construction time is long, the cost is high, and because It is cement, and the cement color tile surface is easy to absorb impurities, etc., which will increase the weight of the roof. It is necessary to clean the impurities on the tile surface during installation.

4. Resin tile

A new type of building material developed by using high-tech chemical and chemical technology, the appearance is the design of the antique glazed tile, which inherits the advantages of glazed tile. The resin tile is relatively light in weight, which reduces the bearing strength of the house, and has high strength, is waterproof, anti-corrosion, and flame retardant. In wet seasons and harsh environments, resin tiles will not appear mottled, rusted, moss, etc. It is widely used in awnings, awnings, farmers' markets, residential quarters, antique buildings, flat-to-slope changes in development zones, villas, shopping malls, etc. The country is also vigorously promoting resin tiles, a new type of environmentally friendly roofing building materials.

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