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high quality roofing sheets sheet from China for scenic shed

high quality roofing sheets sheet from China for scenic shed
  • high quality roofing sheets sheet from China for scenic shed

high quality roofing sheets sheet from China for scenic shed

This product is tested against other comparable products on the market.
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frp roofing sheets is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the national quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable.After being improved greatly, Hongbo's frp roofing sheets is more advantageous in the following aspects.
Company Advantages
1. The manufacturing process of Redwave roofing sheets is strictly overseen. The amounts of raw materials or water are exactly calculated by the computer.
2. This product is tested against other comparable products on the market.
3. Strict quality control is conducted by professionals to ensure the product is always at the best quality.
4. If one is in search of a projector screen that’s suitable for public displays, home theatre, office presentations as well as classroom training, then this product is the answer.

ASAPVC roofing tile is the latest generation of patented product (Patent number: ZL03225663.9) , using today's advanced four extrusion technology for one-off processing .
Its surface layer adopts the ASA high weather resistant material to ensure color lasting and long lifetime ,
The intermediate layer use the extremely tough PVC which ensures strength while increasing rigidity.the bottom layer is  white tough PVC material hich can increase the workshops'sense of space and brightness.


1. Excellent corrosion resistance In the salt, alkali and following a 24-hour soaking in 60% acid, no chemical reaction and no fading. Very suitable for acid rain-prone areas, corrosive workshop and coastal area use.

2. Color lasting : ASA surface layer ensure its color free from fading at least 10 years.

3. Excellent weathering performance and long lifetime.
    Ultra-weather proof surface layer to ensure its long durability for strong sunshine environment.
4. Sound insulation
    The tests prove that: in suffering heavy rain, high winds the impact of outside noise, it has a good absorption of the noise effect, noise down 30dB than color          steel tile.
5. Fire-retardant
    through the national fire authority of the department according to GB8624-2006 standards for testing, fire safety performance ≥ B grade.
6. Excellent thermal insulation
    Its thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.065w/mk, clay tile is about 1 / 310, cement tile 1 / 5, 0.5mm thick color steel tile 1 / 2000. 

Product Specification:
Color:blue , green , red  , terra cotta
Length:Max. 11800mm 

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High-grade plants, steel factories, warehouses, farm market, market access, sheds and other high-end roofing materials.
Especially in corrosive chemical plants, smelters, ceramic plants, soy sauce factory, chemical plants,printing and dyeing plant, organic solvent factory, acid, alkali and other corrosive plant.

Company Features
1. Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with high performance roofing sheets products.
2. We adopt world-advanced technology when manufacturing corrugated plastic roofing .
3. We aim to take the lead in the international markets. Beyond updating the product catalog every year, we will bring more innovative products with competitive price and offer better service. We promote our corporate culture based on the following value: We listen, we deliver, we care. We relentlessly help our clients succeed.
[企业简称]掌握的各种钣金精密加工技术和工艺先进,加出来的corrugated roof panels造型精密,结构复杂,且光洁齐整,质感优良,另外,还可承接各种结构和造型的钣金件加工与定制。
roofing sheets采用先进的制造技术和工艺精制而成,质感厚实,手感舒适,使用安全可靠。
corrugated roof panels设计科学合理,结构严密紧凑,功能完备,品质可靠,能轻松切换手动对焦和自动对焦,具有良好的操作性。
corrugated plastic roofing依脸型轮廓裁剪,大小适中,吸附性好,能完美贴合任何脸形,轻薄透气不闷痘。
[企业简称]十分注重corrugated plastic roofing的外观与手感,成立了专业的设计团队专门设计corrugated plastic roofing的款式,并优选优质材料作为corrugated plastic roofing原料,确保corrugated plastic roofing不仅外观时尚大方,而且手感也非常舒适,给客户提供触感与视觉双重感受。
我们拥有先进的自动化生产设备,能够实现roofing sheets的及时高效生产,此外,我们还对roofing sheets的生产原料和生产数量进行严格把控,尽可能达到最低原料损耗率和最低产品库存率,促使roofing sheets具有其他同类产品所不能比拟的价格优势。
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