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How can black resin tiles be insulated?

by:Redwave     2022-10-12

When it comes to resin tiles, I believe everyone is familiar with them. It is one of the common roofing materials. Not only does it last in color, it also lasts for a long time. However, in use, some friends want to pursue higher comfort and will add thermal insulation to the resin tile. How can black resin tiles be insulated? What are the advantages of resin tiles? With these two questions, let's see!

How to add a thermal insulation layer to resin tile: First, if building a steel frame or a wooden frame, insulation cotton should be laid under the resin tile, or wooden boards and waterproofing membranes should be laid first, and then the resin tile should be installed; secondly, the insulating film should be directly laid On the resin tile, it is not only light in weight, but also heat-resistant and light-resistant; finally, the roof is poured with concrete, and then the resin tile is laid to achieve waterproof and thermal insulation.

What are the advantages of resin tiles:

1. Seismic performance Resin tiles are usually used in steel structure houses. Not only are they lightweight, they are also secured with self-tapping screws during installation. Therefore, they are not easy to break and fall off during an earthquake. Even if the steel structure wall collapses, the resin tile will not harm life.

2. Wind resistance Although the quality of the resin tile is very light, it has high wind resistance. Since the resin tile is installed turn by turn with self-tapping screws, it can withstand strong winds. In addition, the installation of resin tiles is not affected by the season, and the construction period is short.

3. The raw materials used in durable resin tiles are environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body, and have strong anti-corrosion properties, so they have a long service life, at least 30 years. 4. The sound insulation resin tile is made of high energy-saving raw materials, which not only has good thermal insulation quality but also have good sound insulation effect. Compared with the color steel plate, the sound insulation effect is many times stronger. During heavy rain, there is basically no sound in the house. Conclusion: The above is about how to add insulation to resin tiles and the advantages of resin tiles.

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