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How do synthetic resin tile companies face the increase in freight material prices?

by:Redwave     2022-11-12

At present, with the continuous rise of materials, the logistics cost of synthetic resin tile enterprises is also increasing, and the logistics cost accounts for a relatively large proportion in synthetic resin tile enterprises. Therefore, the rise of materials makes synthetic resin tile enterprises have to face infinite logistics. capital pressure. The price increase is a foregone conclusion, and the synthetic resin tile industry has already ended the era of huge profits. Facing the double kneading of the external market and the internal competitive environment, the market has shrunk severely. However, the need for rigidity still exists, which ushered in a ray of sunshine for the synthetic resin tile industry.

Experts believe that in the face of infinite logistics pressure, synthetic resin tile enterprises should combine the advantages of manufacturers themselves and try to reduce logistics costs as much as possible. As the synthetic resin tile industry becomes more and more intense, the question of interest has gradually become prominent. Questions about design and development emerge in an endless stream: quality crisis, commodity plagiarism, high energy consumption, and no environmental protection have severely restricted the healthy development of the synthetic resin tile industry, which has become a difficult problem in the industry.

Regarding the recent flocking of synthetic resin tile companies to the market, many industry insiders expressed their optimism. As for the synthetic resin tile industry, there are not many listed synthetic resin tile companies, and companies have to become transparent after listing. Under the supervision of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and other departments, embarking on the development path of regularization and modernization is extremely beneficial to improve the overall image of the company. More importantly, with the support of capital, these synthetic resin tile companies have the ability to reorganize their assets, which will help accelerate the development of the industry or the emergence of large corporate groups.

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