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How long is the service life of resin tiles?

by:Redwave     2022-08-19

Resin tile is a kind of roof tile we often see, whether it is the residential, warehouses, markets, etc., but do you know how long the service life of resin tile is? The following editor will introduce it to you.

How long is the service life of resin tiles?

1. The service life of Star Bricklayer resin tile is generally 50 years. If the local acid and alkali corrosion are strong, its service life will be shortened accordingly, but in general, it will not have much impact. The Star Bricklayer resin tile manufacturer has a 30-year warranty.

2. Star tiler resin tile is produced with high weather-resistant material, which is a new type of building material and is suitable for residential areas, shopping malls, warehouses, and other places. Star tiler resin tile has super weather resistance, stable physical properties, is not easy to fade, impact resistance, and low-temperature resistance.

So how should we choose resin tiles?

1. We can weigh a square size of resin tile. Whether the weight and volume ratio of the resin tile is around 1.4, if the ratio is greater than 1.4, it is very likely that other fillers have been added.

2. We can check the appearance of the resin tile, a good resin tile has a shiny appearance and a clear outline. We can also ignite the resin tile with a lighter, and the good resin tile will self-extinguish after leaving the fire source. Poor quality resin tiles will continue to burn and emit a pungent odor.

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