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How much does it cost to lay 100 square meters of resin tile?

by:Redwave     2023-01-10

After many people understand the advantages of resin tiles, they will choose it as a roof. How much does it cost to lay 100 square meters of resin tile? Let's take a look: the price of 100 square meters of resin tiles is about 3000-5000 yuan, and the prices of different brands are different, so we can't generalize. Regarding the question of how much money is needed for 100 square meters of resin, the price of grass will change due to the influence of many factors, as follows:

1. The specifications of different resin friends also have different prices. The change in grass coverage and width will affect the price. Generally, the price is about 30-50 yuan, so the material cost of 100 square meters needs 3000-5000 yuan.

2. The prices of resin tiles produced by different brands will also vary, and the same brand will also have price differences in different regions. If you buy it at the place of production, the price will generally be lower. Some, in other places, will include transportation. People laugh at these fees. Most of the merchants will not put these fees aside. Generally, these fees are passed on to the selling price of resin tiles. There will also be a price difference.

3. Resin tiles of different quality will also have price differences, labor costs, and the size of the installation area of resin tiles, the degree of difficulty will affect its price. Generally speaking, the price per square meter of labor and materials is about 120-150 yuan. It will cost 12,000-150,000 yuan for 100 square meters. The above is the introduction of the price of 100 square meters of resin tiles. According to the situation, the price of resin tiles is about 26-50 yuan per square meter. This is related to the specifications, thickness and brand of resin tiles. Related, if 100 square meters of resin tiles are laid, it will cost about 12,000-150,000 yuan. When we buy resin tiles, it is best to choose branded ones, so that the quality is better and the safety is more secure.

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