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How much is the price of synthetic resin tiles per square meter?

by:Redwave     2022-09-14

Nowadays, resin tiles are more and more well known and loved by the public. With the development of technology, the types of tiles are gradually enriched, and the selection is dazzling. Compared with other tiles such as color steel tiles, cement tiles, glass fiber tiles, metal tiles, asphalt tiles, etc., resin tiles may not have many advantages in price, but their practical value is unmatched by other tiles. of. Not only that, the application, durability, decoration and other properties of resin tiles are more prominent than other tiles. There are many people who will be persuaded by its excellence and feel that the price is definitely not cheap. Then, how much is the price of resin tiles per square meter?

In fact, the price of synthetic resin tiles is priced based on well-known brands, manufacturers, product quality, and product thickness. For example resin tiles with a thickness of 2.8mm, currently, on the market, the poor quality is about 30 yuan per square. The quality is relatively good at about 50 yuan per square meter. It is made of ultra-high weather-resistant engineering resin ASA, and the thickness reaches the standard 0.15mm. The quality of such tiles is guaranteed and the service life is increased. Therefore, you get what you pay for, and the real resin tiles are naturally not cheap!

In general, cheap is not good. When we buy, we must choose a reliable resin tile manufacturer and brand!

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