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How much is the resin tile price? Is it worth the price?

by:Redwave     2022-10-14

Synthetic resin tile is a new type of building material with excellent characteristics such as environmental protection, lightweight, waterproof, long-lasting color, anti-corrosion, and long service life, so how much is the price of resin tile? Is it worth the price?

The price of resin tiles depends on the quality of the raw materials of the manufacturer. The synthetic research resin tiles are mainly based on PVC, and the surface layer is made of high-weather-resistant ASA resin. These two raw materials are expensive in the market, but also ensure the quality of the resin tiles. And the service life and the price of the resin tile are proportional to the quality and service life of the resin tile! In the building materials market, shoddy products and recycled materials are used, and the prices vary widely.

In addition, there is another important factor that determines the price of resin tiles. This is the reason why the price of primary sources provided by large manufacturers may not necessarily be the lowest price in the Chinese market! Whether it is from research and development, production, sales, installation, technical development services, after-sales management services, etc., large brands of resin tile manufacturers can easily leave small resin tile manufacturers and black workshops far behind. The cooperation between manufacturers will be more convenient, worry-free, time-saving, and labor-saving, and ensure that all their students and users can buy genuine resin tile products.

In addition to the main tile, synthetic resin tiles also include right ridge tiles, inclined ridge tiles, left and right eaves tiles, drip boards, as well as decorative accessories such as inclined angles, italic tails, regular tails, and Shuanglong play beads. When used together, the effect of use can be guaranteed. , more beautiful retro, high-end atmosphere. Its outstanding performance advantages and perfect supporting products, while realizing the effect of wind and rain, have an excellent decorative effect, which is also an important reason for the resin to win the market and customers.

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