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How to choose resin tile for villa roof?

by:Redwave     2022-09-05

To build a beautiful and atmospheric villa, the requirements for the resin tile roof of the villa are higher, the colors should be bright and rich, and the products should have a glossy texture and a strong three-dimensional sense. Because the roof tile is not only related to the aesthetic effect of the whole villa, but also bears the protective effect of sheltering from wind and rain, which is closely related to people's living experience. So how should you choose synthetic resin tiles? You can start from these eight aspects.

Resin tile durability:

Building a villa is expensive and usually takes decades to live in. If the roof tiles are not selected properly, a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources will be wasted frequently renovating. At present, on the roof tile market, synthetic resin tiles have strong durability. The surface layer is ASA engineering resin, which has super weather resistance and can maintain its excellent performance even after long-term exposure to harsh environments, with a service life of up to 30 years.

Resin tile environmental protection:

Synthetic resin tile is a new type of environmentally friendly building material developed by using high-tech chemical and chemical technology. It does not contain asbestos, glass fiber and radioactive elements, and can be recycled. And it will not emit toxic substances, will not pollute the environment, and will not cause adverse effects on humans and animals.

Resin tile decoration:

Synthetic resin tiles are colorful, rich, long-lasting and available in a variety of colors. In terms of decoration, the colors can be matched according to the style of the villa. The tile ripples are soft and the whole is not rigid at all, which fully reflects the harmonious beauty of roof and wall, architecture, and environment.

Resin tile waterproof and impermeability:

As a roofing material, tile is important for appearance, but the most basic waterproof function is essential. The synthetic resin tile itself has a low density, does not absorb water, and does not have the problem of micropore water seepage. Large area coverage, and less overlap, can effectively prevent water infiltration.

Resin tile load resistance:

I often see news reports: strong winds overturned the roof, heavy snow crushed the roof and so on. This is the result of the unsatisfactory load resistance of the roof tile. Synthetic resin tile has excellent load resistance, under the condition of a supporting distance of 660mm, a load of 150kg, the tile will not be deformed. After use, there will be no safety hazards.

Resin tile fireproof function:

The fire protection function of roof tiles is particularly important. If the fire performance is poor, there will be a fire hazard. Synthetic resin tile is a flame-retardant material, reaching B1 level fire performance, in line with residential fire protection standards, and can be used with confidence.

Resin tile thermal insulation function:

The thermal insulation function determines the comfort of living in the villa. Synthetic resin tile has low thermal conductivity, slow heat conduction, low ambient temperature, the outstanding effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, and will be very comfortable after use.

Is resin tile installation convenient:

The synthetic resin tile is light in texture, large in sheet area, complete in accessories and convenient in installation. It can not only greatly reduce the difficulty of construction, but also improve the efficiency of paving. Truly save time and effort and save money!

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