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How to choose the tile material that suits you when building a house?

by:Redwave     2023-01-04

There are many roof tile materials that can be selected for building a house now, and different tile materials have different advantages. Today, I will analyze how to choose the roof tile material that suits you:

1. Xiaoqingwa Xiaoqingwa is a kind of arc-shaped tile, which is generally used in Chinese-style houses. The names of the north and the south are different. The north is called Yinyang tile, and the south is also called butterfly tile and Yinyang tile. The area of the tiles is small, and improper construction may easily cause roof leakage, and tiles need to be turned over frequently.

2. Glazed tile is a traditional tile made of ore raw materials and fired at high temperatures, which is suitable for both Chinese-style buildings and European-style buildings. Expensive, heavy materials.

3. Cement tile The raw materials of cement tile are cement, sand, and pigment. The gloss and brightness of the surface are not as good as glazed tiles, so it is more suitable for roofs with steep slopes, otherwise, water seepage will easily occur.

4. Asphalt tiles are mainly made of glass fiber felt soaked in modified asphalt surface and sprinkled with sintered colored sand. They are flexible and different from traditional tiles. Poor weather resistance is more suitable for new building models such as steel structures and EPS.

5. Resin tiles are generally divided into two types: natural resin tiles and synthetic resin tiles. The resin tiles made on the market are now generally referred to as synthetic resin tiles. It has the advantages of long-lasting color, not easy to fade, weather resistance, lightweight, waterproof, heat preservation, heat and sound insulation, anti-pollution, green, easy installation, etc., and the shape is beautiful and three-dimensional, and the color has Chinese elements. Physically stable, it is not afraid of wind and rain or hot summer, and its service life is more than 30 years.

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