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How to choose tiles for different types of roofs?

by:Redwave     2022-10-14

Currently, there are a variety of tiles on the roof tile market, but not all tiles are suitable for your own roof. The following is a simple example of how to choose tiles for different types of roofs:

1. Factory and canopy: color steel tile, asbestos tile, PVC tile. However, color steel tiles are easy to rust, and have a short service life, and asbestos tiles have poor weather resistance and are prone to cancer. It is recommended to choose PVC floor tiles with good corrosion resistance, good durability, and low price.

2. Self-built houses: glazed tiles, Spanish tiles, cement tiles, synthetic resin tiles, etc. The fired tiles are large in size, cumbersome to install, easy to crack and fall off, and difficult to maintain. It is recommended to choose synthetic resin floor tiles with retro beauty, strong impact resistance, convenient transportation and installation, and high-cost performance.

3. Temples, ancient buildings: ceramic tiles, metal bricks, and other special products. At present, synthetic resin tiles are also widely used.

4. Wooden houses, light steel structures: asphalt bricks, colored stone metal bricks, resin bricks, etc. The service life of asphalt bricks is short, the price of metal bricks is high, and the price of resin bricks is high.

5. Villas, clubs, hotels, and high-end residential areas: glazed tiles, colored stone metal tiles, solar tiles, resin tiles, etc. In recent years, more and more people use resin tiles.

At present, there are indeed many types of roof tiles, but very few are really practical and durable. In contrast, the advantages of synthetic resin floor tiles are more prominent than traditional floor tiles, and they are more advantageous in terms of price and service life.

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