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how to cut concrete roof tiles | ehow

by:Redwave     2020-02-28
Concrete roof tiles are a common building material that gives the roof a structural shape and color.
Concrete roof tiles are durable and can be used for decades.
Due to the shape of many roofs, the installation process usually involves cutting roof tiles to install along the edges and valleys of the roof.
You can make a smooth and precise cut of the tiles with a wet saw.
The wet saw works like any other power saw, except for constant water flow cooling blades and tiles, reducing the chance of breakage when cutting.
With proper technology, you can cut concrete bricks quickly, greatly speeding up the process of the roof.
Engrave the concrete roof tiles to be cut on the tiles with a screwdriver or tool knife.
Connect the hose from the water source to the water supply kit for the wet saw.
The feed kit is a pump that will provide water to the saw cooling blade and the surface of the tile.
Wet saws can be rented from home improvement stores or equipment rental stores.
If you don\'t have a faucet, use a bucket full of water as your water source.
Place the roof tiles on the wet saw platform with diamond blades.
Align the edge of the blade with the marking of the concrete FRP roof tile Manufacturer.
Turn on the water and wet the blades and tiles.
Along the track on the saw table, slowly run the saw blade on the tile to guide the blade.
Make sure the water continues to flow through the blades and tiles and cool both surfaces.
Place the blade on the surface of the tile and cut it several times to prevent breakage.
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