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How to distinguish between good and bad lighting tiles?

by:Redwave     2022-11-14

1. Look at the appearance

White silk and bubbles are unavoidable for FRP lighting tile products, but according to the production equipment and process, the quality of raw materials can greatly reduce the number of white silk and bubbles (the national standard stipulates that the diameter of bubbles is not greater than 4mm), whether the color is soft and uniform, reflecting The pros and cons of adding color paste and the quality of mixing equipment. Whether the surface is flat and the edge is straight or not reflects the advanced degree of equipment and the operation level of workers.

2. Feel

Intensity is an important indicator of the pros and cons of FRP lighting panels. The higher the intensity, the better the curing degree. Tear off the film by hand to see if the film is firmly attached. Inferior films or ordinary corona films will peel off in large pieces.

3. Listen to the sound

High-quality FRP sheet has a high degree of curing and high strength, and it will emit a crisp sound when it is hit by hand. On the contrary, the strength is small. The sound of inferior products with soft plates is dull when struck.

4. Smell

Due to the low curing degree of inferior boards, the uncured unsaturated resin will exist for a long time. When the film on the surface is torn off, it will smell a strong pungent odor and last for a long time. The uncured resin will accelerate the aging of the board and yellowing.

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