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How to distinguish the quality of resin tiles?

by:Redwave     2022-10-11

Resin tiles have a good-looking appearance and long service life. They are deeply loved by everyone and belong to products with good market development prospects. Because of this, some bad manufacturers have begun to enter the resin tile market, and various low-priced and inferior products have caused serious damage to resin tiles. Negative effects, resin tile manufacturers share with you how to distinguish the quality of resin tiles.

1. Resin tile weight

The main raw material of authentic resin tiles is PVC, and the specific gravity is about 1.8, which means that we weigh one square meter of resin tiles. If the weight/volume ≈ 1.8, it can be proved that the main material of the resin tile is PVC. If the weight/volume is 1.8, it is likely that a large number of other fillers have been added to the resin tile, which cannot guarantee the service life of the product, and will make the resin tile more brittle and easy to break. Most customers of such a resin tile It is used in simple temporary buildings.

2. Fire test for resin tiles

If the surface layer is authentic ASA resin, we ignite the resin tile with fire, and once the fire source leaves, the flame will be extinguished immediately, that is the high-quality resin tile. If the fire source leaves, the flame is getting bigger and bigger, and there will be a pungent smell, that is the fake and inferior resin tile. The reason is: that inferior resin tiles can only be added with a large amount of plasticizer, which has a combustion-supporting effect. Such resin tiles have poor weather resistance and are prone to fading, cracking, and deformation.

3. Weighing and tapping with hands

High-quality resin tiles will feel dull when struck; while inferior resin tiles will have a heavy feeling when they are weighed by hand, and the sound of poor-quality resin tiles is crisp.

4. Look at the appearance

The resin tile has a clear outline and uniform color.

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