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How to distinguish the quality of synthetic resin tile?

by:Redwave     2022-09-19

As the country began to advocate the construction of green and environmentally friendly homes and vigorously supported the use of green and environmentally friendly synthetic resin tiles, synthetic resin tiles are not only popular and widely used by the public, but have long been a product with better development prospects in the building materials market. Because of this, many unscrupulous merchants began to use shoddy products and produced too many synthetic resin tiles, and used old materials and calcium powder to replace PVC powder, so these inferior synthetic resin tiles entered the market. As a result, more and more customers cannot distinguish the quality of synthetic resin tiles, so they buy inferior synthetic resin tiles. The following will tell you six ways to distinguish high-quality synthetic resin tiles.

1. Look at the appearance of synthetic resin tiles

The high-quality synthetic resin tile has a clear outline, and the material is smooth and colorful. On the contrary, it is a low-priced and inferior synthetic resin tile.

2. Weigh the synthetic resin tile

The main raw material of high-quality synthetic resin tiles is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and its specific gravity is about 1.8. Weighing method: Weigh a synthetic resin tile weighing one square meter. If the weight ÷ volume ≈ 1.8, it can be proved that the main raw material of the synthetic resin tile is PVC, which can ensure the service life and quality of the synthetic resin tile. On the contrary, if the specific gravity does not reach 1.8, it is likely that there are too many fillers.

3. Weigh and tap the synthetic resin tile by hand

The high-quality synthetic resin tile is light in quality, and the two boards will feel dull when struck. The inferior synthetic resin tile will feel heavy when you weigh it by hand, and the sound of the two boards being knocked is crisp.

4. Do fire test on synthetic resin tiles

If it is a high-quality synthetic resin tile with four layers of material, ignite the synthetic resin tile with fire, and the synthetic resin tile will be extinguished immediately after the fire source leaves, and there is no peculiar smell. When the inferior synthetic resin tile encounters the fire source, the flame spreads and emits a pungent odor.

5. Look at the product quality report for synthetic resin tile

Generally, regular professional resin tile manufacturers have super complete product quality inspection reports that will be updated in time. They have everything they need to test various indicators, thermal conductivity, and performance of synthetic resin tiles. Only such manufacturers can guarantee the quality of products. For customers more reliable.

6. Choose a powerful old brand of synthetic resin tiles and visit the manufacturer

Generally speaking, if you choose an old brand or a large manufacturer of synthetic resin tiles with strong strength and professionalism, not only the product quality will pass the test, the after-sale service will be guaranteed, but also the international quality standard certification. A full range of services lets you have no worries!

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