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how to make miniature roof tiles out of clay: 8 steps ...

by:Redwave     2020-02-29
I \'ve been trying to build miniature houses lately, and one of my favorite things about miniature models is trying to make them as similar to real big houses as possible.
For this reason, I would like to give a real look to the roof of my mini house with these small roof tiles sold in hobby shops.
However, their problem is that there are not many tiles in a package and I can never be sure how many tiles I need. . .
Fortunately, my question didn\'t last long because I immediately thought of making them with clay. . .
So why spend money when you can make your own tiles?
You can do as much as you want, believe it or not, they do it quickly!
The quickest way to make the same tile is to use a clay cutter like a cookie cutter.
None of me (
I don\'t even want to buy one)
So I think I can easily make one with a can of soda.
The first thing you should do is wash your can and let it dry so that you don\'t find soda drops when you cut the can.
Once your can is dry, cut the top and bottom with a cutter.
Finally, open the cylinder cut from one side to the other and flatten the strip.
Be careful when you handle cans, sharp edges!
What you have now is a piece of aluminum plate that you can use!
Cut rectangle 4,8x2,5 cm (1. 88 x 0. 98 inches).
This is all the aluminum you need for your Clay cutter, you can make other aluminum with the rest if you want.
Now, work on the colored side of the rectangle, tracking a line at about 5mm (0. 19 inches)
Start with the longest edge and bend the aluminum along this line.
This will be the top of your Clay cutter and you won\'t hurt yourself when you use it this way.
Cut a piece of clay into pieces and flatten it with a roller so that it is about 2mm thick (0. 07 inches).
Place your Clay cutter on the clay and press it on it.
This is done multiple times to cover the entire surface of the clay and cut as many tiles as possible.
When you are done, remove more than the clay (
Can be reused later).
Now you have to give the tiles a classic circle.
To do this, take something as thin and round as a pencil or stick, place the tiles on it and press it a little with your fingers.
Do this for all your tiles so they don\'t flatten and let them dry overnight.
Now, if you use the clay of the color you want on the tile, you can skip these steps as you are done!
If you use white clay (
Or different colors)
Like me, you can do it in two different ways.
One of them is to paint a tile at a time with acrylic paint.
The only problem with this approach is that it takes quite a long time because they are too small to handle. . .
Your fingers are full of paint!
But such results may be more accurate.
Once they get dry, you can stick them to the roof of your little house or use them to do whatever you want.
Another way is to stick them on the roof first and then paint them all at once.
This will be faster and easier, although some spots will be harder to reach with a brush.
Well, it doesn\'t matter what way you choose, it\'s important that your micro roof tiles are done!
Are they not cute? :)
I appreciate your vote very much if you like this structure :)
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