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How to purchase suitable synthetic resin tiles, and what problems should be paid attention to?

by:Redwave     2022-10-01

Synthetic resin tile is very popular as a new building material, and it is very useful in major cities, factory renovation and rural construction. Synthetic resin tile has the advantages of strong compression resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and heat resistance, and is not easy to fade for a long time. There are also many bad manufacturers in the market who use recycled defective products as genuine products to sell. Now come and follow the editor of the synthetic resin tile manufacturer to see how to choose the right synthetic resin tile, and what problems should be paid attention to when purchasing.

1. When purchasing synthetic resin tiles, you need to check the basic information of resin tile products, such as the qualifications of resin tile manufacturers, test reports, and whether they are trading companies. It is recommended to go to the production site of resin tile manufacturers to find out.

2. After a preliminary understanding with the resin tile manufacturer, you can check the quality of the product carefully. The surface of the synthetic resin tile of good quality is smooth, delicate, uniform, and full in color, light in quality, and has no rough feeling.

3. Generally, the density and hardness of high-quality synthetic resin tiles will be guaranteed. You can judge by tapping the resin tile and judge by the sound. If the resin tile emits a thick sound, it is a high-quality synthetic resin tile product. If there is a crisp sound, this resin tile product is likely to be a poor-quality product.

4. Synthetic resin tiles generally have fire resistance. High-quality synthetic resin tiles have a fire resistance of B1 level, and they will be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire source. When we buy resin tile, we need to check its fire resistance. We can try to ignite a corner of the resin tile. If the fire burns very badly and emits a pungent smell, it may be an inferior resin tile product.

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