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how to repair concrete roof tile

by:Redwave     2020-03-19
A roof made of concrete tiles is the most durable type of roof.
They are so powerful that most manufacturers offer 50-Annual warranty.
These tiles are made of extruded concrete formed under high pressure.
These tiles come in a variety of shapes and colors that can be used for many years to protect your home from rain, snow and ice.
They can even walk safely when repairing the roof or cleaning the chimney.
If your tiles need to be repaired, you can easily repair them yourself, although it is important to take normal precautions related to working on a high surface.
Purchase replacement tiles that match existing tiles.
This will require you to find the manufacturer and model of the tile if possible.
This is important because the concrete roof can be installed in a number of different ways, and because there are so many colors and shapes to choose from.
To get the closest match, try to buy from the same manufacturer.
Find the tiles that need to be replaced.
If they are located in a very visible area, you may want to replace them with an existing tile for an invisible area so that the finish matches.
Simply place the new tiles you purchased in less conspicuous space so that the change in the finish is not so obvious.
Slide your crowbar under the tile on the left side of the crowbar that needs to be replaced.
Use careful downward pressure at the end of the bar to force the tiles up and out.
Continue this process until the tiles no longer stay in the damaged part.
Repeat step 3 with a tile directly above the damaged piece.
The damaged tiles should be carefully disassembled and disposed.
Most roofs of this type feature tiles without nails, so now the adjacent tiles are loose and the removal should be easy.
Put the new tiles into the empty space.
Fix the tiles on the top and left in place.
Continue this process until all damaged parts are replaced.
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