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How to use resin tiles to create Chinese elements?

by:Redwave     2023-01-11

In recent years, you should have discovered that many industries are promoting Chinese elements, allowing more people to know China and understand Chinese culture. How to use resin tiles to create Chinese elements in the construction industry?

In ancient times, people first thought of Luoyang City in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, where it was very prosperous. Now we often see girls wearing Hanfu on the street, which is antique, and more and more people like antique buildings, which makes many people have to think about the shape of the roof, ancient Chinese style, Western-style villas, European-style roofs, etc., some traditional Small blue tiles and glazed tiles have been difficult to meet the requirements of the architectural design team, while the resin tiles are not only beautiful and three-dimensional but also provide a variety of color choices on the surface color. It has the characteristics of ancient Chinese architecture and has been widely used in the flat slope improvement project that our country vigorously promotes.

In the era of energy saving and environmental protection, ceramic tiles can also reflect the cultural theme of natural environmental protection. Antique resin tiles are not radioactive and can be recycled. They are clean, safe, and environmentally friendly products. Of course, people's requirements for the comfort of the living environment are very important.

In fact, we insist on using high-quality synthetic resin or stabilizer as the base material to process and produce high-quality, high-density, antique tile products. The waterproof performance is good, and the addition of a waterproof layer can be avoided, but according to the actual application, the waterproof layer can also be set to The second line of defense making the roof system have stronger wind and rain resistance.

Rustic ceramic tile is also a kind of roof tile with high heat insulation performance. The unique air layer improves the heat insulation performance of the roof and has sound insulation performance. There is no one kind of tile that can stand out in the beautiful market.

With the continuous growth of the domestic economy, the government has paid more and more attention to the development of the ceramic tile industry, promulgating and implementing a number of design specifications and quality acceptance specifications and other standards.

Adapting to the concept of green, environmental protection, energy saving, and low-carbon era, the development of resin antique bricks has already had a good start and is developing rapidly. It is believed that there will be a broader market space in the future. As for the new system of ancient tiles, the use and innovation of every design, production and installation process also left a strong imprint on the history of Chinese architecture.

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