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huge explosion rips through a home in christchurch leaving five people injured and sending roof tiles raining down on neighbouring houses

by:Redwave     2020-03-17
A massive explosion in a house in Christchurch injured six people.
The power of the 10-point explosion.
At twenty o\'clock A. M. on Friday, the house near the suburb of Northwood was drenched by roof tiles and the house next door was blown off by bricks.
All the injured were rushed to the hospital and their injuries went from serious to serious, with a total of six houses seriously damaged.
Authorities are working to find out the cause of the explosion, and about 50 residents of the neighborhood have been evacuated from their homes.
Shocking footage from the scene shows that the House has turned into ruins, and when the roof tiles are burning, the broken wooden beams in the home are burning, and guttering and insulation up to 100 can be seen in each direction.
Locals help the occupants of the home safely reach the nearby hose before waiting for emergency services to arrive.
People believed to be at home were seen by caregivers shortly after their evacuation, with blankets on them.
James Looyer, who filmed mass destruction, said he helped evacuate people between the ages of 50 and 70 from the rubble.
No one could hear him, he said, and all had bloodshot eyes, and some had gone.
\"We tried to talk [
People there.
He told reporters in things magazine that they were just freezing.
\"They are almost deaf, they can\'t even hear anything we say, just look straight at us.
Dave Stackhouse, commander of the Fenz area, told reporters that the gas explosion should be blamed, and residents 20 kilometers away said they felt the explosion.
As emergency services work to control the situation, electricity in the area has been shut down.
Local residents told the New Zealand Herald that the explosion had blown away the door of their own home, and that someone likened it to a \"terrible boom \".
Tom White told the newspaper that the house was a \"match\" and had been \"completely blown up \".
He said it caused great damage to other houses.
\"It blew up the garage door next door --
The neighbor\'s house.
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