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Is the quality of the constantly breaking resin tiles really good?

by:Redwave     2023-01-06

Some customers break it by hand when buying resin tiles. If they keep breaking, they mistakenly think that the quality is good. This is a wrong approach. why? According to many experiments done before, it is known that the resin tile has a certain load and impact resistance toughness, but the strength of bare hands alone is far from enough to break the resin tile. Let me talk about two reasons why it keeps breaking:

First of all, the PVC resin powder and calcium powder are the same when the small material ratio of the resin tile is used, and the calcium powder can make the tile itself extremely hard and not easy to break. In addition, the surface of this synthetic resin tile is coated with ASA material, Fully meets the ideal high-quality synthetic resin tile roofing material requirements, fully meets the 15-year surface color-free, can use 20-year roof perfect renovation requirements, the perfect product requirements of replacing steel with plastic, this is an ideal ending. However, in addition to being hard, a high-quality resin tile must also have good toughness to ensure that it is not easy to crack.

Secondly, if there is a qualitative change in the proportion of small materials, it is necessary to add excess CPE to improve the toughness of the synthetic resin. This is a qualitative change in the toughness of the synthetic resin tile resin. This is only a short-term surface effect. As long as it is exposed to the wind and the sun, the CPE will quickly volatilize, and then accelerate the aging and weathering of the synthetic resin tile.

Therefore, the quality of resin tiles cannot be judged by breaking them by hand alone. Although this is one of the indicators, to produce high-quality resin tiles, it is necessary not only to ensure its hardness and toughness but also to ensure long-term exposure to the sun and wind. After that, it can still not crack and change color.

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