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other uses for roof tiles | ehow

by:Redwave     2020-03-09
Roof tiles have more use than simply protecting the roof from weather damage.
Whether new or old, roof tiles can also be converted into great garden tools to improve the look and quality of any garden.
The use of roof tiles for new uses can avoid waste and can greatly improve the appearance of landscaping.
Roof tiles are a good reflective covering for some garden plants.
In addition to the way of drainage, their reflective properties also make them excellent coverings for HeatTolerant plants
Growing plants from a dry climate can be a challenge in wet areas, but roof tiles, especially clay tiles, make a simple, inexpensive covering.
Using these tiles will drain the water from the plant and keep it dry, and their color is attractive to the garden greens.
The tiles on the roof can be used to make the bed in the garden.
Bury the tiles vertically in the soil so they can stand up firmly and form an attractive homemade garden bed.
Fill the bed with soil and plant flowers or garden plants in it.
The raised flower beds are easily drained, and the plants in these flower beds grow well.
Roof tiles can also be good edges as they are efficient and attractive in any garden.
The concrete garden walls are unattractive and it is difficult to hide them behind the garden plants.
Create a unique and attractive garden wall using old clay roof tiles or tiles.
Even broken roof tiles can be used to decorate the walls.
Place the tiles into the mortar and fill the remaining cracks with the mortar.
Once the tiles dry, they add a beautiful and unique color to the garden walls.
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