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polycarbonate roof striped with certification for workhouse

polycarbonate roof striped with certification for workhouse

Polycarbonate roof striped with certification for workhouse

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7--15 days
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Redwave , Ketelong ; OEM available
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Company Advantages
1. The application shows that polycarbonate roof is feasible in structure and polycarbonate roof panels . Redwave products are not easy to discolor
2. This product can help improve comfort, posture and general health. It can reduce the risk of physical stress, which is beneficial for overall wellbeing. Redwave products are widely applied
3. This product features the desired versatility. During the production stage, each individual part is manufactured to meet the motion of walking. Incoming tests are conducted on materials for production
4. The product will not give out a smelly odor. It has a strong hydrophobic surface, which prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs. Redwave products feature insulations of sound and heat
5. This product is strongly resistant to bacteria. Its fabrics contain an antimicrobial agent that is able to inhibit the ability of microorganisms to grow. Physical properties of products are monitored to guarantee the quality stability

Product Introduction:

Ketelong Polycarbonate solid sheet is processed by polycarbonate resin with the excellent mechanics, optics, electrical and thermal properties. 

Product Feature:

1. Light Transmittance: Excellent light transmitting performance. Light transmittance of PC solid sheet is up to 88%.

2. Weather Resistance: There is co-extruded UV protective layer on the surface blocking the ultraviolet ray passing through. With very good weather resistance, it is not easily become aged or yellowed.

3. Sound Insulation: Good sound insulation performance.The noises can be effectively reduced. It is the preferred material selection for expressway noises barrier.

4. Impact Resistance: The impact strength of PC solid sheet is 250 to 300 times than that of the common glass with the same thickness, 30 times than that of acrylic sheet, 2 times than that of toughened glass. Enjoying the name of

5. “Unbreakable Glass”, it is a superior quality material for manufacturing bulletproof glass.

6. Flame Resistance: It belongs to Grade-B flame retardant by GB8624-2006 test. During burning, it will not generate poisonous gas. It extinguishes automatically when it is away from the fire and will not facilitate fire spread.

7. Temperature Resistance: Between -40℃ ?120℃ ?get deformed and will not appear any obvious quality degradation in mechanical properties.

8. Portability: Light in weight, the PC solid sheet density is only half of that from general glass, which helps save the costs in transportation, handling, unloading, installation and frame support. It can be cold-bended, offering a wider range of design spaces to architects.

9. Best feature of the product:UV co-extrusion for resistance of yellowing,transparent, safe, hail-proof and portable

Product Specification:

Standard thickness:1.0mm, 1.5mm,  1.8mm,  2.0mm,  3.0mm,  4.0mm,  5.0mm,  6.0mm,  8.0mm,  10.0mm

Standard width:1220mm、1560mm、1820mm、2100mm 

Standard length:thickness ≤4.5mm, 30~50m/roll; Thickness> 4.5mm, 2.4 m/piece

Color: transparent, blue, green, dark brown, milk white

Company Features
1. Redwave has a small achievement in the field of polycarbonate roof . Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with strong independent R&D capabilities.
2. Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has strong technology strength, advanced production technique and complete inspection equipment.
3. With polycarbonate roof panels technology equipped, Redwave is of high quality. We are always committed to becoming the top brand in the world polycarbonate panels industry. Inquire online!
The metallic materials used for Redwave polycarbonate roof must be qualified during development. These materials have to be assessed in terms of application risks. The product is made of top-quality materials imported from Italy
The quality control procedures of Redwave [拓展关键词 starts from the receipt of raw material, over the precursor chemicals, up to the final cathode active material. The product offers various available sizes from 3XS to 5XL to better meet customers' needs
The anodes and cathodes materials of Redwave polycarbonate roof are dealt with by our technical staff under complete procedures. These procedures include mixing, coating, compressing, drying, and slitting. The product performs well in warmth keeping
In Redwave polycarbonate roof manufacture, a relevant quality control inspection is performed after each production step. For example, the incoming metallic elements are subjected to a strict test. The product is capable of effectively protecting riders from injury
The electrode materials of Redwave polycarbonate roof must be coated on to the electrode current collector foils, usually aluminum and/or copper to form a conductive mass with a precisely controlled thickness. The product can help to prolong users' riding time
Customers are all satisfied with this polycarbonate roof featuring polycarbonate panels. It has a Japanese YKK zipper with great performance
polycarbonate roof panels firstly take satisfying consumers' demand as aim. It is of anti-pilling property and has no bur issues
By a rounded analysis of polycarbonate roof, polycarbonate roof panels is considered as a polycarbonate roof good in both polycarbonate roof. It uses green materials and is strongly wear-resistant
polycarbonate roof has such advantages as polycarbonate roof. The product performs well in warmth keeping
polycarbonate panels presents the characteristics with polycarbonate panels. The product will make riding a more comfortable experience
Featuring polycarbonate roof, polycarbonate roof panels is recognized by customers. The product perfectly fits the body curve
The product is successful in getting customers' satisfaction and has a broad market application prospect. It is static-free, which is good for the skin and health
With so many advantages, the product has a very good prospect in future market applications. The product adopts an advanced sublimation printing technology
This product has many of the above advantages and has broad application prospects. It is designed with a great sweat absorption quality
The product has won good user reputation and has great market application prospects. The product will make riding a more comfortable experience
The product is highly suitable for various applications. The product performs well in warmth keeping
The excellent characteristics give the product greater market application potential. It is of anti-pilling property and has no bur issues
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