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property clinic: what are the rules about replacing roof tiles?

by:Redwave     2020-03-05
Q: I would like to replace the roof tiles, but my neighbor told me that the planning rules may mean that I can\'t have the type I want.
Lester Sean A: If the works affect the look and feel of the property, the owner does not have the right to automatically replace the roof tiles, especially if they are not looking for something similarfor-
In terms of style and color, like to replace.
This is particularly the case in protected areas.
Here the property must be aligned with the area and the local planning authority will be keen to ensure that it has control over the works that may affect its overall appearance.
Similarly, there are restrictions on monitoring all works on the buildings listed.
Therefore, the owner must make a formal application to the planning authority in order to be approved before any works are carried out on the property.
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In addition, the local planning authority has the right to issue the so-called \"Article 4 directive \".
These directions belong to Article 4 of urban and rural planning (
Development is generally allowed)Order 1995)
Restrictions on permitted development rights.
In short, these rights will be revoked if, under normal circumstances, the owner can carry out the works without applying for permission to plan.
In this case, the owner must again obtain the approval of the local planning authority before replacing the tiles.
Q: My new neighbor is trying to stop me from using the right of way on his land, and I and my former property owner have been used as a way to get into the back garden for years.
Is it really legal for him to do so?
Vaughan, Tunbridge Wells A: First of all, you need to determine the basis for claiming private right of way on your neighbor\'s land.
The land rights granted by a person for the land of others can create a private right of way.
This agreement should have been drafted into a deed, so you will need to check the ownership documents of your property to see if you are benefiting.
If you don\'t, you have to see if you get the right of way over time.
To do so, you may need to collect supporting evidence from the former owner of your property.
If a person can prove that they have used the route without the owner\'s objection or permission and that there is no use of force, then a right of way can be claimed, for example, for a period of at least 20 years in a row, break the padlock on the gate.
This area of law can be complex, so you should seek legal advice to know exactly what evidence you need to obtain.
If you can meet these criteria, then you can get a formal statement from the court stating that you have the right of way.
In the end, it means you can\'t be blocked from using it.
If you believe that you have the right to claim the right of way, you should explain this to your neighbor, and hopefully this will ease the situation.
If not, seek legal advice to find out your options.
Q: one of the consequences of the recent storm that hit us was that the fence between my property and the neighbor\'s house was blown up.
We\'re not sure who should be responsible for buying a new one and don\'t want to argue about it-what should we do?
Sarah, Darlington A: You should start by reviewing the deed related to each property.
Ideally, these should give you details about the legal boundaries and should also give an accurate overview of who is responsible for maintaining the legal boundaries.
Check if there are inverted \"T\" marks on any of the plans that come with the contract, as they usually show ownership of the boundary features.
You should then be able to find the best place to place the new fence and make it clear who is responsible for paying for it.
Ultimately, this can help you avoid potentially tricky legal issues in the future.
If you and your neighbor are unsure of the location of the legal boundary, you should speak to the licensed land surveyor who can help clarify and confirm the details.
The border issue may be a difficult one, and we have seen irreparable damage to relations between neighbouring countries due to disputes.
Therefore, it is positive to see that you and your neighbors are eager to solve the problem amicably.
Keep in mind, however, that if the relationship ends up getting bad, you should immediately seek legal advice.
Q: Although I don\'t get along well with the landlord, I have rented a house for several months.
The pipes on one side of the house were damaged due to recent strong winds and heavy rains and need to be replaced.
Is this my responsibility or should I try to convince the landlord to solve it?
Lester CRIA: your lease agreement is A legally binding contract that should outline who is responsible for the property.
However, keep in mind that even if the terms are not clearly stated, the law implies certain obligations in such agreements.
Article 1985 of the Landlord and Tenant Act provides that in short term residential leases of less than seven years, the landlord is responsible for maintaining the structure and appearance of the property.
This includes drain pipes, sinks and external pipes.
The landlord is responsible for taking action within a reasonable time
The term of the tenant\'s notice of annual disrepair.
That is why it is better to notify the issue in writing and keep a copy for reference.
If your landlord refuses to resolve the issue, you can go to the local council to find the rental relations officer.
They can intervene in the dispute or even contact your landlord on your behalf.
If it fails, please speak to a legal expert to assess the possibility of filing a claim in respect of the annual disrepair.
Q: I am selling my house and also want to sell white goods and some furniture to buyers.
They want to pay in cash on the day of the move, but I would rather we have some form of contract.
Can I do something?
Bournemouth Sean A: you can ask for A list of fixtures to be sent to you by the lawyer you represent when selling the property.
This outlines the items left or removed from the property upon completion and is included in the contract information to the buyer\'s lawyer.
When you exchange the contract, this list will be attached to the contract as all the evidence that has been agreed.
If you have set the price for white goods and furniture, please make sure that this information is included as well.
This ensures that the buyer is obliged to pay for the items left behind when paying for the house.
As a result, you all got sure and peace of mind (
And a new dishwasher or a cash).
Depending on the number of items you sell, it may also be worth having a separate list detailing the items and agreed prices.
This can be attached to the contract with the list of fixtures.
At the same time as the exchange contract, the agreement becomes part of a legally binding contract.
This will provide some protection if either party fails to meet expectations.
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