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Reasons for cracking and discoloration of resin tiles

by:Redwave     2023-01-17

Resin tiles have been popular for several years, and family members are also using resin tiles to build sheds for farming, villa roof beautification, roof waterproofing, old house renovation, park pavilions, garages, etc. Resin tiles have covered every corner of towns and villages at lightning speed, and have entered people's lives unconsciously. And some cautious friends are still waiting and watching with hesitation. The main reason why the resin tile cracks and discolors after a long time?

I believe that many customers have such questions before buying resin tiles. It didn't take long for the resin tile to be installed, and it faded, which was very ugly. This is mainly because the resin component of the resin tile is insufficient, and the quality of the surface material is poor. Not only is it easy to fade, but it also does not have a good protective effect on the resin tile, which directly affects the service life of the resin tile.

The material has high water absorption which causes the seams to split.

The hardness of the material is high, and the impact strength is relatively poor. The wet expansion rate of the material is high, and the board will absorb moisture and expand when it is damp. The material is brittle and has low tensile and flexural strength. When installing resin tiles, drilling is a very important part of the operation. If the drilling cannot be carried out well, then it is likely to cause cracking of the resin tiles. At the same time, we also need to pay attention To step on the tiles, if we have to step on them, we must pay attention to the position of the purlins, especially when the distance between the purlins is large and in winter, the pressure on the resin tiles can be minimized to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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