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Redwave Polycarbonate corrugated sheet

Redwave Polycarbonate corrugated sheet

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7--15 days
Greca , Roma , Iron , IBR, Trimdek , P7
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Redwave , Ketelong ; OEM available
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Product Information of Redwave Polycarbonate corrugated sheet
Product Comparison
Hongbo has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. polycarbonate roofing sheets has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality.Compared with other products in the industry, polycarbonate roofing sheets has more obvious advantages which are reflected in the following aspects.
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Enterprise Strength
  • With a comprehensive management service system, Hongbo is capable of providing customers with one-stop and professional services.
Company Advantages
1. The design of Redwave is ingenious. The color assortment, bathroom style, space, positioned place of the product have been taken into consideration by the interior designers.
2. The product can last for a long time. With its full-shield design, it provides a better way to avoid the leakage problem and prevents its components from damage.
3. The product is built to last. Thanks to its durable construction, it is able to withstand great abuse under harsh environments.
4. Customers who have used this product for several years praise that it does not get pilling or fuzzy balls at all.
5. This product creates immense value and high-end feelings to the homes with great flexibility to fit any building decoration styles.

Features :

The Redwave Polycarbonate Tile is made of virgin polycarbonate resin and UV protection granules by coextrusion. It is highly transparent, excellent impact resistance and long-lasting roofing material.

1. Light transmission up to 88%.

2. Resistance to impact: its resistance to impact is 250 to 300 times ordinary glass, 30 times the acrylic plate with the same thickness.

3. Aging and resistance to ultraviolet rays: a layer of UV rays is coextruded on one side that prevents ultraviolet rays from passing, which has an effect of good resistance to weathering. The side of the anti-UV treatment layer should be oriented towards the sun.

4. Light weight: only half the weight of ordinary glass, saves costs in transportation, unloading, installation and support frame.

5. Adapt to the greatest temperature difference: crisp cold does not occur at -40 ° C and does not soften at 120 ° C. Even in the hostile environment, its properties, such as mechanical, mechanical, etc. they do not have significant changes.

Specifications :

Thickness: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm;

Color: Transparent, blue, green, dark brown, milk white;

Length: based on customer's requirements

Profile: Greca, Roma, IBR, Trimdek, Industry

Redwave Polycarbonate corrugated sheet-1

Redwave Polycarbonate corrugated sheet-2

Company Features
1. Excellent in supplying of top quality, Redwave is famous for the considerate service also.
2. Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. keeps optimizing its manufacturing process to improve quality for plexiglass sheets .
3. With a huge inventory, complete specifications and stability of supply, Hongbo Building Materials sure will give you the best. Ask! Hongbo Building Materials believes that good communication is the most important of cooperation. Ask!




Track glue overview editor
It is factory-produced with cement-based cementitious materials, mineral admixtures, and high-performance admixtures. Add water and stir evenly into the bolt hole and under the track to achieve uniform transmission load to withstand the various forces on the upper part. It can improve durability, shorten the construction period and reduce pollution in ports, docks and high-speed railways.
Product feature editing
1, early strength and high strength: 1 day strength can reach more than 20MPa.
2, the flow is too large: the flow can reach 200-300mm, can fill all the gaps, to meet the requirements of secondary grouting.
3, no shrinkage: to ensure a close connection between the equipment and the foundation.
4, low temperature construction: allow outdoor construction at a temperature of minus 10 °C.
5, good insulation: high density structure, has good impermeability and insulation properties after curing.
6, strong durability: This product is an inorganic cement material, the service life is greater than the service life of the foundation concrete. After millions of fatigue tests, the intensity of 50 freeze-thaw cycles did not change significantly. There was no significant change in strength after immersion in engine oil for 30 days. .
Edit by method
(1) Basic processing and supporting models:
1. The concrete foundation surface is chiseled and cleaned. The member bonded to the seat slurry (such as a steel backing plate) removes scale and oil.
2. Apply 4 to 24 hours before the watering of the seat slurry, apply the concrete foundation surface to the surface of the concrete, and do not have any water when it is poured.
3, the baffle should be tightly supported to prevent leakage.
(2) Grouting:
1. Add water: Add water according to the ratio of 3.5kg per bag (25kg). If the construction does not require large fluidity, the water consumption can be reduced accordingly.
2. Stirring procedure: Add a specified amount of water into the mixing tank and put it into the stirrer. Pour a part of the dry material into the bucket and stir it. Then pour the remaining material into the stirring. The time should be controlled from 3 to 5 minutes from the beginning to the end. about.
3. When stirring, the blades should move slowly along the top, bottom, left and right of the barrel to make the dry material adhered to the bottom of the barrel and the wall of the barrel mix; the stirring blades should not be lifted above the liquid level of the slurry to prevent air from being introduced into the slurry. In the material.
4. When pouring, inject as much as possible from one side to facilitate the discharge of air between the floor and the concrete foundation. If necessary, use a tool such as bamboo to guide the flow. After the start of watering, it must be carried out continuously without interruption.
(3) Maintenance:
1. Cover the watered seat slurry with a moist grass bag or cloth and sprinkle it for 2~6 times a day.
2. The curing temperature should be above 15 °C and the curing period should be 7 days. If the site temperature is low, the maintenance period can be extended appropriately.
3. Insulation measures should be taken during winter construction.
4, demoulding and demoulding should be carried out 24 hours after the completion of watering, and continue to maintain after demoulding.
Product function editing
1. Grouting of rails and dock crane track grooves (track plate grouting, bottom plate, bolt fixing, etc.).
2. It is suitable for first and second grouting of various mechanical and electrical equipment (heavy equipment, high-precision grinding machine).
3. Steel structure installation engineering and reinforcement of civil buildings.
4. Column foundation, pile foundation and rock foundation grouting are fixed. Anti-seepage and leak-proof works.
5, subway, train and other transportation engineering track foundation grouting


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