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Redwave Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Redwave Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

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Hollow , solid , embossed, corrugated
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Redwave , Ketelong ; OEM available
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Product Information of Redwave Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet
Product Details
Want to know more product information? We will provide you with detailed pictures and detailed content of polycarbonate roofing sheets in the following section for your reference.Good materials, advanced production technology, and fine manufacturing techniques are used in the production of polycarbonate roofing sheets. It is of fine workmanship and good quality and is well sold in the domestic market.
Enterprise Strength
  • Hongbo carries out clear management on after-sales service based on the application of the online information service platform. This enables us to improve efficiency and quality and every customer can enjoy excellent after-sales services.
Company Advantages
1. A quality audit will be carried out o Redwave polycarb sheeting strictly. All textile fibers, chemical reagents or additives are carefully checked to ensure that any harmful chemicals are removed.
2. As a result of the implementation of a complete quality management system, products meet the most stringent quality standards.
3. After many tests and modifications, the product finally achieved the best quality.
4. The product sells well in many countries and regions and will obtain a wider market share in the future.
5. The product is able to keep pace with ever-changing demands of customers and is ready for widespread use.

Product Introduction:

Redwave polycarbonate hollow sheet is made from virgin polycarbonate material and the high concentration UV coextrusion. The sheet possesses the features of light in weight, pervious to light, impact resistance, heat isolation, flame retardant, endurance, etc.

In addition to the above features, Crystal PC hollow sheet is with the effect of “glittering and translucent” making the light penetration downier with better aesthetic visual effect.


Best feature of the product:UV co-extrusion process for resistance of yellowing, sound insulation, heat preservation, safe and transparent.


Scope of Application:

Skylight roof commercial building, residential building,factory building, warehouse, indoor stadium, advertising board, motor shed, partitions for swimming pool,

greenhouse and indoor chamber, decoration and exhibition.


Product Specification:

Standard width: 2100mm 、1220mm ( available for thickness 4mm to 8mm only )

Standard thickness: 4.0mm、6.0mm、8.0mm、10.0mm、12.0mm、14.0mm、16.0mm ( 4 ~ 10 mm is the rectangular structure with twin wall,

12 ~ 16 mm is the rectangular structure with triple wall)

Standard lengt: 5800mm ; 11800mm

Color: transparent, grass green, opal ,blue, bronze

Redwave Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet-1

Installation guide:


1.1  Installation by inserting

A.Because the protective film inserted in supporting frame has a bad affect on adhesion between crack filler and PC panels, protective film 5-10mm wide inserted should be cut off before PC products are inserted.

B.Because the PC panels don't change in the same range when expand with heat and shrink with cold as metal frame, and they can be bent to some extent and resit air pressure, You must take the following factors into consideration: suitable quantity inserted, the space allowing their expanding or shrinking with the change of temperature and right thickness of PC panels.

1.2Installation by screws:

A.For any outdoor installation or installation in environment with temperature difference of 8℃,enlarge the aperture of any bolt or rivet much be enlarged to allow PC panels expanding or shrinking with change of temperature. Generally, the aperture shall be 50% bigger than the diameter of bolt. Use aluminum rivet. Self-drilling screw must be abandoned.

B.Use silica gel to fill all apertures and cover their exposing parts to prevent PC panels from map cracking by cleanser which may inserted in apertures.

C.The head of rivet should be 1.5-2.0 times bigger that the stem. Use gasket to fill between PC panels and rivet head to prevent PC panels getting directs pressure from rivet head, then lessen their pressure in this way.

D.Don't tighten screw too much in case stress may cause thereof.

E.Don't use PVC gasket and water-proof adhesive tape with asphalt content .

F.Fix the metal pressing strip on long and short edges of PC panels. Remain a space for their expanding. Strengthen installation stability

Redwave Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet-2

Limitation to know :

Keep PC panels away from wet cement surface or any acid or base materials.

Keep PC panels away from any organic solvent or any glue or paint composing of organic solvent.

Keep frame clean and jointing groove flat and smooth .

Choose right thickness of PC panels,allow flexure radius .

Remain space for expanding , pay attention to inserting depth. Don’t know drill any hole in curved part of sheet.

Use only neutral silica gel and use only EPDM rubber strip or washer as sealant.

Use electrical tools (tungsten carbide saw )to cut; During cutting, stabilize

PC panels to prevent their vibration and never pill off protective film .

In case that marks have to be made before cutting,try to mark on protective

film;If the marks must be made directly on PC panels,use wax crayon instead

of any sharp tool to mark .

Never pill off protective films until installation is completed .

Company Features
1. Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is one of important production base.
2. Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. strictly controls quality of polycarbonate roof from raw material and production process.
3. We have a clear mission. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their missions by blending people, process, and technology into successful and sustainable business solutions. Our philosophy is to provide services of the highest quality to long-term customers. We play an active role with clients in providing solutions and cost benefits that are of mutual benefit to our company and our clients. The company's stated promise is ' To give the best service, make the best quality products'. We are working on cultivating a professional team of staff who can provide world-class customer service. Call! We think it's our responsibility to produce harmless and non-toxic products for society. All of the toxicity in the raw materials will be eliminated or excluded, so as to reduce risk on human and the environment.
Reinforced Hdpe geomembrane sheet from manufacture for wastewater baffles

1. HDPE geomembrane used for wastewater baffles

Reinforced Hdpe geomembrane sheet from manufacture for wastewater baffles

Geomembranes have been used in the following environmental, geotechnical, hydraulic, transportation, and private development applications:
As liners for potable water
As liners for reserve water (e.g., safe shutdown of nuclear facilities)
As liners for waste liquids (e.g., sewage sludge)
Liners for radioactive or hazardous waste liquid
As liners for secondary containment of underground storage tanks
As liners for solar ponds
As liners for brine solutions
As liners for the agriculture industry
As liners for the aquiculture industry, such as fish/shrimp pond
As liners for golf course water holes and sand bunkers
As liners for all types of decorative and architectural ponds
As liners for water conveyance canals
As liners for various waste conveyance canals
As liners for primary, secondary, and/or tertiary solid-waste landfills and waste piles
As liners for heap leach pads
As covers (caps) for solid-waste landfills
As covers for aerobic and anaerobic manure digesters in the agriculture industry
As covers for power plant coal ash
As liners for vertical walls: single or double with leak detection
As cutoffs within zoned earth dams for seepage control
As linings for emergency spillways
As waterproofing liners within tunnels and pipelines
As waterproof facing of earth and rockfill dams
As waterproof facing for roller compacted concrete dams
As waterproof facing for masonry and concrete dams
Within cofferdams for seepage control
As floating reservoirs for seepage control
As floating reservoir covers for preventing pollution

To contain and transport liquids in trucks
To contain and transport potable water and other liquids in the ocean
As a barrier to odors from landfills
As a barrier to vapors (radon, hydrocarbons, etc.) beneath buildings
To control expansive soils
To control frost-susceptible soils
To shield sinkhole-susceptible areas from flowing water
To prevent infiltration of water in sensitive areas
To form barrier tubes as dams
To face structural supports as temporary cofferdams
To conduct water flow into preferred paths
Beneath highways to prevent pollution from deicing salts
Beneath and adjacent to highways to capture hazardous liquid spills
As containment structures for temporary surcharges
To aid in establishing uniformity of subsurface compressibility and subsidence
Beneath asphalt overlays as a waterproofing layer
To contain seepage losses in existing above-ground tanks

Our Service

1. We are a Factory-Trade Integration Enterprise, which mainly produce and deal with Geo synthetics           product. 

Our company business response to customer requirements, do good products at the same time pay attention to customer experience, to provide customers with professional and timely, low-cost services.
You are welcomed to our factory any time .
2.Our material have pass the quality inspection system before delivery, was proved good quality easy construction by many projects.
 Free samples at hands can be sent to you as soon as possible.

4. We have professional project service team. Our excellent team would be very happy to work with you and offer suggestions,product applications, and design assistance.

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