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Redwave UPVC roofing sheet , heat insulation , corrosion resistance, long lifetime

Redwave UPVC roofing sheet , heat insulation , corrosion resistance, long lifetime

Redwave UPVC roofing sheet , heat insulation , corrosion resistance, long lifetime

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7--15 days
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Redwave , Hongbo
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  • Hongbo takes customer's satisfaction as an important criterion and provides thoughtful and reasonable services for customers with a professional and dedicated attitude.
Product Details
Adhering to the concept of 'details and quality make achievement', Hongbo works hard on the following details to make the frp roofing sheets more advantageous.Hongbo carries out strict quality monitoring and cost control on each production link of frp roofing sheets, from raw material purchase, production and processing and finished product delivery to packaging and transportation. This effectively ensures the product has better quality and more favorable price than other products in the industry.
Company Advantages
1. are offered backed by our rich industry expertise in this field.
2. is well accepted in abroad market mainly because of its pvc roof panels .
3. The product is highly valued for its constantly improved performance, making it perfectly suitable for innovative and future-oriented buildings.

Redwave UPVC roofing sheet adopts 4 layered co-extrusion technology under one-off processing

1. Excellent corrosion resistance
    In the salt, alkali and following a 24-hour soaking in 60% acid, no chemical reaction and no fading. Very suitable for acid rain-prone areas, corrosive workshop      and coastal area use.
2. Excellent weathering performance and long lifetime.
    Ultra-weather proof surface layer to ensure its long durability for strong sunshine environment.
3. Sound insulation
    The tests prove that: in suffering heavy rain, high winds the impact of outside noise, it has a good absorption of the noise effect, noise down 30dB than color          steel tile.
4. Fire-retardant
    through the national fire authority of the department according to GB8624-2006 standards for testing, fire safety performance ≥ B grade.
5. Excellent thermal insulation
    Its thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.065w/mk, clay tile is about 1 / 310, cement tile 1 / 5, 0.5mm thick color steel tile 1 / 2000. 

Product Specification:
Thickness:1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
Color: white

Redwave UPVC roofing sheet , heat insulation , corrosion resistance, long lifetime-1


plants, steel factories, warehouses, farm market, market access, sheds and other high-end roofing materials. Especially in corrosive chemical plants, smelters, ceramic plants, soy sauce factory,chemical plants, printing and dyeing plant, organic solvent factory, acid, alkali and other corrosive plant    

Company Features
1. Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the main developer and supplier of .
2. Redwave boasts its highly advanced technology.
3. While paying attention to the quality of pvc roofing sheet , Redwave also focuses on the customer service. Contact us! Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has established the marketing, processing and service network with nationwide coverage and worldwide involvement. Contact us! Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to bring greatest value to customers with our corrugated roofing . Contact us! Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. takes the road of technological innovation and development. Contact us!

China products online single type welded steel lattice girder in civil engineering

Single Welded Wire Girders for Composite Panels

WELDED WIRE GIRDER – SINGLE Welded Wire Girder – Single is fabricated from two

substantial wires laced together by a continuous diagonal wire. The girder is designed specifically

to solve the need for an effective way to handle shear and movement in precast composite panels.

The Welded Wire Girder – Single is available in heights from 2-3/4” to 9-1/2” and in lengths from

3’-11” to 35’-6”. Welded Wire Girder – Single is available in plain or hot dip galvanize finish.

For additional design information or more examples, contact us.




Product Description



1.Superior Thermal Performance 
2.Long service life 
3.Environmentally Safe 
4.Sound resistance

Aerogel Insulation Felts



Using special nanotechnology, It combines a silica aerogel with reinforcing fibers to deliver very low thermal conductivity, low density and good flexibility in an environmentally safe product. It provides excellent properties of waterproof, sound absorption and shock absorption. It is an alternative to the common, environment unfriendly, inferior insulation products, such as PU, asbestos insulation felt, silicate fibers, etc.


Superior Thermal Performance

The maximum use temperature is 1000,Its thermal conductivity is 1/3~1/5 of common insulators, helping reduce heat loss and optimizing space utility.

Long service life

Unlike other traditional insulation materials, aerogel ’s three- dimensional, structure inhibits sintering warpage, and particles stack which may occur under hot temperature for long time. Therefore, aerogel insulation has long service life.


Physically Robust:
It has flexibility and high tensile strength, resisting stretching and stress from linear contraction when temperature changes.


Environmentally Safe:
Composed of inorganic materials, it contains no hazard. Stripping little chloridionm will cause no corrosion to the equipments and pipes.


Sound resistance and Shock Absorption
sound resistance and shock absorption help better the environment quality.


Easy to Install
Extremely low density (200kg/m3) contributes to easy-to-cut and easy-to-install.


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