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repair roof tiles - how to do it

by:Redwave     2020-02-25
Ten years have passed and your roof seems to work well.
Should you sit down and relax?
After all, the manufacturer does say that the life of your roof tiles will last for 15 years or more. Wrong!
Roof tiles are damaged by wind, water and snow.
Roof tiles may break or break in a few years.
This will result in leaks and damage that can cost thousands of pounds even if you don\'t know.
So, what do you need to do? 1.
Do you develop the habit of regularly checking the condition of the tile roof?
But how did you do it?
If the roof is not lined, check the cracks from the roof space inside.
Use a flashlight on the wood to check for water stains.
The tiles will deteriorate over time, so check the hair line cracks by looking for staining on the tiles.
Starting from the ground
Check the entire roof on the ground.
It is easy to find disjointed or sliding tiles on the regular lines of the tiles.
On the roof.
Remember, you should only enter the surface of the roof using the roof ladder. 2.
After doing the check, you find that there are some problems with the roof tiles and decide if you can do it yourself or if you need to hire a roof specialist.
We will give you some tips on fixing roof tiles before you decide anything. 3.
Repair your roof tiles temporarily.
If the weather is not good, you may need to repair the roof tiles urgently before the weather gets better.
Cover the cracked area with a shiny band.
Apply a transparent roof sealant under the crack. 4.
Repair the roof tiles.
Prepare your material.
You need a flat crowbar, a tile clip, and of course a replacement tile.
Here are the steps for a beautiful new roof: Slide your flat crowbar under the top tile above the damaged tile.
Break the damaged tile with a hammer.
Collect the pieces and make sure you don\'t leave any pieces.
Attach the tile clip to the roof bracket at one end and the lower side of the replacement tile at the other end.
Insert the new tile and pull out the crowbar so that the top tile slides back to the position above the new tile.
Can you do it?
If not, you can hire a roof expert to help you with the problem.
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