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Resin tile manufacturers install roof resin tile reinforcement skills

by:Redwave     2022-10-04

In factories and rural buildings, roof resin tiles have been widely popularized. Resin tiles have many advantages, such as strong anti-corrosion, waterproof and fire resistance, stable performance, safety and reliability. In the process of installation, it also has the characteristics of convenient installation, lightweight, and high strength, which is very conducive to construction and installation. In some areas, if there are heavy storms, the resin tile manufacturer needs to reinforce the roof resin tile when it is installed to avoid being overturned by the strong wind, which is more conducive to the service life of the roof resin tile.

In what situations do roof resin tiles need to be reinforced?

1. When installing the roof resin tile, the slope of the roof needs to be measured. If the roof slope exceeds 50 degrees, the roof resin tile needs to be reinforced and installed.

2. If it is in an earthquake area or an area with heavy storms and rain all year round, it is necessary to reinforce and install the roof resin tile.

Resin tile manufacturers install roof resin tile reinforcement skills:

1. When the resin tile manufacturer installs the roof resin tile, it is usually enough to use 4 sets of fixing parts per square meter. If it needs to be reinforced and installed, it needs to be increased to 6 sets of fixing parts.

2. In coastal typhoon areas, wind-resistant strips should be used for reinforcement and installation.

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