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Resin tile manufacturers teach you how to identify quotations

by:Redwave     2023-01-15

Many customers will inquire about the purchase of resin tiles, and find that each manufacturer has the same product, but the quotation is different. Why is this? Next, let's introduce the skills of resin tile quotation.

1. The quotations of resin tiles in the market vary greatly. Compared with dealers, the price of resin tiles of the same thickness may differ by more than 20%.

2. It is also related to the material. Some manufacturers use semi-new materials, that is, resin tiles made of half new materials and half recycled old materials. Such products are no worse than brand-new materials in terms of function and durability. Other surface materials use ABS instead of ASA. Such a product is relatively poor, it will fade after a few months of use, and it will be brittle after 2-3 years, so the price will be much cheaper.

3. Regional differences, different regions, different regions have different consumption levels, and the prices of synthetic resin tiles will also vary. Resin tiles of the same brand sell for 40-50 yuan per square meter in some provinces, and only 30-40 yuan per square meter in some provinces.

4. The prices of different thicknesses are also slightly different. The thickness of synthetic resin tiles is divided into 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm. The thicker the more expensive. Therefore, consumers should make a comprehensive comparison of product quality, brand, and manufacturer when purchasing resin tiles. Shopping around is important. Only by deeply understanding the qualifications, professionalism, successful cases, and after-sales service of resin tile manufacturers can we ensure the selection of cost-effective resin tile products.

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