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Resin tile or color steel tile for roofing which is better? ?

by:Redwave     2022-09-01

These two kinds of synthetic tiles are relatively common types at present, and their appearance and style are similar. They are mainly used in public buildings, civil buildings, villas, townhouses, pavilions, clubs, hotels, resorts and other buildings. Engineering, rural reconstruction, new rural construction, etc. Which is better to use as a roof, resin tile or color steel tile? It depends on the place of use.

1. Color steel tile:

Color steel tile is also called metal tile or galvanized steel tile. It is made of galvanized steel plate pressed into tile shape, and the surface layer can be treated with colored ceramsite or baking paint.

Advantages: Cheap, compared with resin tiles, it is still relatively cheap.

Cons: Sound insulation is very poor, especially when it rains and winds. The flame retardancy is general, and if a fire occurs, the spread is faster.

2. Resin tile:

Resin tiles, as the name suggests, are tiles made of resin materials. The main raw materials are acrylonitrile, styrene, and acrylic rubber.

Advantages: Resin tiles have beautiful colors and various colors, some are very lightweight, are environmentally friendly products, have strong flame retardancy, and are waterproof; very light in weight, easy to install, and light in the bearing weight of the house, so they are faster in construction than color steel tiles. Resin tile is an antique imitation glazed tile design, which inherits the beautiful appearance of glazed tile, and abandons its weight and the shortcomings of water leakage. Compared with colored steel leather tile, resin tile is more corrosion-resistant, has sound insulation, and is more beautiful.

Disadvantages: Choosing a thinner resin tile roof is easy to fade and age and the service life is relatively short. It is recommended to choose a thicker resin tile, which will be no problem for 30 years.

Although resin tiles have many advantages, it does not mean that resin tiles are omnipotent. If some temporary sheds are still suitable for color steel tiles. If it has been used for more than half a year, choose resin tiles! Resin tiles cover the roof, which also looks high-end, unlike color steel tiles that give people a temporary feeling. The comprehensive unit price of resin tiles is cheap, and the laying speed is the fastest, especially for large-scale flat-to-slope projects, most of which use resin tiles, and the amount is also quite large.

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