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Resin tiles are generally used in the following four buildings

by:Redwave     2022-12-30

The use of resin tiles in buildings is becoming more and more widespread, so in which buildings are resin tiles generally used? Let's follow the resin tile manufacturers to find out:

1. Level to slope project

Changing the slope from level to level can improve the thermal insulation and waterproof functions of old-fashioned penthouses. Residents living on the top floor will obviously feel the benefits of changing from flat to slope after the completion of the project, and they don’t have to worry about roof leakage on rainy days. According to different waterproof grades, the waterproof service life of general house roofs is 10-20 years, and the service life of flat-to-slope roofs is 50 years.

2. Roof

The synthetic resin tile is durable and can maintain its function and color stability even if it is exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time. The resin tile manufacturer will show you that the surface of the tile is dense and smooth, which can produce a lotus leaf effect, is not easy to absorb dust, and has a self-cleaning performance. Xinjiang resin tile does not need renovation and maintenance when used and is very suitable for villa roofs.

3. Villa

Synthetic resin tiles are also suitable for villas. Before installing synthetic resin tiles, the roof structure layer, waterproof layer, thermal insulation layer, and leveling layer have been completed and passed the inspection. After laying synthetic resin tile leveling layer construction, it should be maintained in time. The maintenance time shall not be less than 14 days, and it is strictly forbidden to chisel and remove the weight on it. Use 2 feet to check the flatness before installation, and the allowable deviation of the flatness of the leveling layer surface is 5mm.

4. Garden Pavilion

The surface of the wooden board is smooth, the material deformation is small, and the thickness of the board is more than 12 (the thickness of the board is selected according to the frame spacing); the galvanized nails or bolts are reliably connected to the slats or roof beams. The garden pavilions are made of synthetic resin tiles, which are of good physical quality and visual effect. Synthetic resin tiles are light in weight, large in area, high in paving efficiency, and convenient in hoisting and transportation, which can significantly improve engineering efficiency, save labor and shorten the construction period.

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