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roof tile cleaning - pros and cons

by:Redwave     2020-02-29
So your roof is full of moss, algae and moss, you have cracked tiles that cover all the roof leaks, what should I do?
Your house is the biggest expense of your life, so it makes sense to take care of it.
If you don\'t do that, it will crash in the long run, the cost will be higher, or it won\'t realize its full asking price when you come to sell it.
You have to spend money anyway.
One of the main areas of concern for houses over the age of 25 is roof and roof tiles.
These areas get the most hammers from the elements of the wind, rain, ice, snow and sun, as they will usually be high for regular inspection, possible problems are not seen, so there is no solution, which in turn leads to a bigger problem.
Roof tiles full of Moss and Moss, if not treated, will deteriorate so much that it will hold too much water that it will freeze in winter.
As you know, the water actually expands when freezing, which is why the roof tiles break.
Cracked or broken roof tiles and then let the water into the roof area, your house or bungalow will have roof felt under the tiles so that the water will flow along the felt into the fascia and soff
If this is wooden, then eventually it will start to rot, causing problems with your roof.
What can be done to help solve these problems?
You can have a re-
The roof is basically removing the old roof tiles and installing the brand new ones.
This is a very expensive way to solve such problems.
Another way is to wash away the power of Moss and Moss with normal water with a high-pressure gun.
This actually explodes the accumulation of dirt and Moss for many years, and then there are broken or broken tiles that can be replaced (
Much cheaper than replacing the entire roof).
Once completed, the roof is given antibacterial cleaning, which will inhibit the re-growth of moss and Mossgrowth.
Any loose tiles should be re
At this stage.
The last process is to test the weather on the roof.
This is actually an acrylic paint that is 100% waterproof but allows the roof to breathe fully.
Usually apply 2 layers of coating, and once dry, the water will flow out of the roof tiles instead of sitting in the pores, which also inhibits the re-growth of moss
Growing, in places where there is no water, there is no moisture, so there is no growth of moss or fungi.
All the above work can be completed within a few days (
Depending on the size of the roof area)
All of this is a fraction of the cost of recalculation. roof.
Not only did you solve a small problem, the roof looks great, but you know it will continue for years to come.
Some have actually sold their property after doing such a job, a property that has been on the market for 18 months or more.
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