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roofing felt or roofing sheets?

by:Redwave     2020-03-27
If you want to work on a roof, such as your garage or garden cottage, you always face the problem of choosing what Roof material to use.
If the roof is currently tilted and you have no intention of converting it to a flat roof, then you can use a lot of different materials.
On the other hand, if the roof is flat, the site will shrink a little.
Most people choose a roof felt or roof top for flat roof work, because these are usually suitable for very shallow angles for flat roofs.
So which one should you choose? It depends on many factors, such as the design of the roof and the skill of the roof.
A very common design where you see the roof felt used is to have the entire surface of the roof (
Slightly tilted)
Surrounded by a short wall with zero angle.
This makes the roof look completely flat, although it is actually tilted several degrees.
If this is the kind of roof you already have
Or want to have-
Then it makes sense to use the roof felt.
The reason is that you may not be able to do the same with the roof top and still get a completely closed membrane.
However, if you don\'t mind seeing a little bit of an angle, then roof tops, like those made of corrugated plastic or metal, are a great choice.
At least because they\'re easier to install-
It is easier to troubleshoot after installation.
Roof felt is also basically easy to install, but when you have to do something like a guardrail, details around the vents, corners, etc, then, you suddenly have to be very clear about what you\'re doing and what the right technology is.
Otherwise, it is very easy to accidentally cause serious problems on the roof, which makes it easy to leak later.
Each material has its strengths and challenges, and understanding these is the first step in making informed decisions.
It is impossible to use roof felt;
This is just a way to ask you to look into something beyond what you might be able to do, if you\'re installing the roof slab.
The choice is ultimately yours, so make sure you know enough before you start working.
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