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sheet redwave Redwave Brand polycarbonate roof sheeting prices

sheet redwave Redwave Brand polycarbonate roof sheeting prices

sheet redwave Redwave Brand polycarbonate roof sheeting prices

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7--15 days
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Redwave , Ketelong ; OEM available
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Company Advantages
1. The polycarbonate roofing sheets facility can polycarbonate roof sheeting prices and you can specify polycarbonate flat roof panels.Redwave products are not easy to discolor
2. It is of great importance for Redwave to provide exquisite customer service. Redwave products are easy to install
3. Redwave products are certified by ISO9001 and ISO14000. Besides corrugated polycarbonate roofing sheets, polycarbonate roof panels,clear polycarbonate roofing sheet is also very popular for its polycarbonate roofing material.

Product Introduction:

Ketelong Polycarbonate solid sheet is processed by polycarbonate resin with the excellent mechanics, optics,

electrical and thermal properties. Polycarbonate resin is one of the most widely used engineering materials in the world, making a revolutionary contribution to the product properties in almost every industry.

From greenhouse, swimming pool to industrial building,office building and to football court, Ketelong PC solid sheets offer valuable lighting solutions for all kinds of buildings.

Product Feature:

●Light Transmittance: Excellent light transmitting performance. Light transmittance of PC solid sheet is up to 88%.

●Weather Resistance: There is co-extruded UV protective layer on the surface blocking the ultraviolet ray passing through. With very good weather resistance, it is not easily become aged or yellowed.

●Sound Insulation: Good sound insulation performance.The noises can be effectively reduced. It is the preferred material selection for expressway noises barrier.

●Impact Resistance: The impact strength of PC solid sheet is 250 to 300 times than that of the common glass with the same thickness, 30 times than that of acrylic sheet, 2 times than that of toughened glass. Enjoying the name of

●“Unbreakable Glass”, it is a superior quality material for manufacturing bulletproof glass.

●Flame Resistance: It belongs to Grade-B flame retardant by GB8624-2006 test. During burning, it will not generate poisonous gas. It extinguishes automatically when it is away from the fire and will not facilitate fire spread.

●Temperature Resistance: Between -40℃ ?120℃ ?get deformed and will not appear any obvious quality degradation in mechanical properties.

●Portability: Light in weight, the PC solid sheet density is only half of that from general glass, which helps save the costs in transportation, handling, unloading, installation and frame support. It can be cold-bended, offering a wider range of design spaces to architects.

Best feature of the product:UV co-extrusion for resistance of yellowing,transparent, safe, hail-proof and portable

Product Specification:

Standard thickness:1.0mm, 1.5mm,  1.8mm,  2.0mm,  3.0mm,  4.0mm,  5.0mm,  6.0mm,  8.0mm,  10.0mm

Standard width:1220mm、1560mm、1820mm、2100mm 

Standard length:thickness ≤4.5mm, 30~50m/roll; Thickness> 4.5mm, 2.4 m/piece

Color: transparent, blue, green, dark brown, milk white

Scope of Application:

Residential architectural lighting, canopy roof, carport, sunshine house,stadium roof, swimming pool cover, transportation infrastructure,industrial building lighting, shop corridor, hotel atrium, greenhouse,sound barrier walls, advertising light boxes, panels, security & protection, interior decoration.

Company Features
1. There are many successful cooperation cases with Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. for our polycarbonate roofing sheets.
2. polycarbonate roof panels is developed using latest technology support for polycarbonate roof sheeting prices.
3. Relentless pursuit of quality excellence is significant to Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. . Inquiry!
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