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solar roof tiles can provide energy and look stylish

by:Redwave     2020-02-27
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The Solar provides solar energy, and the solar FRP roof tile Manufacturer is the latest equipment in the renewable solar energy market.
If you are unhappy with the solar panels installed on the huge roof, you can exchange them with funky solar roof tiles.
These tiles are convenient and easy to disassemble.
They help you create renewable, free green energy for your house, they have different color themes.
If you want to install solar energy at home, you should know the simple difference between solar panels and solar roof tiles.
The traditional solar panels are huge in size and slightly larger in weight.
To install them properly, it is important to add the extra roof frame.
Roof penetration is done in most cases.
Installed on the roof, it is almost impossible not to find them.
But if you\'re really worried about keeping your home looking, it\'s better to choose a solar tile with a stylish choice of different colors.
Using solar tiles is much more convenient than using solar panels.
About 2 weight per tile. 5 pounds.
These are lightweight and can easily hang on your current roof, no problem.
Photovoltaic tiles of different shapes are seamlessly connected to existing roofs.
They exist in a dark color of blue Gray and other pastel shades.
These advantages ensure that your roof looks unobtrusive and smooth.
The best part is to save your energy bill.
A tile can generate power of about 50 to 200 watts.
This may not look like a large quantity, but the entire roof covered with solar roof tiles can meet your full energy needs.
In a sunny climate, solar tiles are ideal for providing enough energy.
When taking over during the day and at night, any remaining power generated will be saved for use.
Tile can provide good service for 20 people30 years.
There are many solar roof tiles for easy maintenance.
If needed, you can remove the separate solar tile and replace it with the new one.
This easy-to-use service makes solar roof tiles more attractive to green-conscious citizens.
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