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spanish clay roof tiles - latin style for upscale homes

by:Redwave     2020-03-14
It is not surprising that Hispanics are called \"Latin\", because until the beginning of the 5th century AD, Spain had been the crown jewel of the Roman Empire;
Spanish is only Latin because it has evolved and changed for centuries (
Some influences from Gothic and Arabic).
Similarly, Spanish architecture is largely attributed to the Romans, who in turn are deeply influenced by the Greeks.
At the height of the 16th and 17th centuries, the Spanish empire spans the world.
This is why clay roof tiles can be found in almost all places where sailing boats. In the U. S. , Spanish-roof-
Tiles are most common in former colonies such as Southern California, Florida and Puerto Rico. Where Spanish-Roof-
The tile comes from the origin of the terracotta roof brick and cannot be accurately positioned;
This innovation has appeared in several places in the past few centuries, mainly in dry, hot areas.
In the Mediterranean, the first clay FRP roof tile Manufacturer to be developed was the current Greek resident.
Directly and indirectly spread the Greek culture (via the Romans)
From western India to northern England
In almost every province, wealthy Roman villas are covered with terracotta roof tiles. Iberia (present-
Spain and Portugal)
It is home to many of the Roman elite, and today\'s roof tiles are still similar to the exquisite Roman houses of ancient ispania and Lusitania.
In the coming centuries, the Moors of Scandinavia and North Africa invaded Spain, leaving their mark on both countries;
Under these influences, more than 1000 years later, an empire appeared, and its soldiers, businessmen and other messengers introduced Spanish roof tiles to the world.
In the three centuries between 1500 and 1800, the conquistors and settlers who followed them established colonies in the Americas, the Caribbean and the Philippines --
There are still many families using these unique terracotta warriors roof tiles.
How clay roof tiles make roof tiles such as roofs
Tiles are similar to commercial pottery;
Clay is placed in the mold (
This is necessary in order for the tiles to be properly combined)
Allow drying and then firing in the kiln.
Today, this material is specially treated because the tiles can be used at home in a climate that is usually not suitable for this roof.
Today\'s clay roof tiles are divided into three levels, the highest and most expensive of which are suitable for Canadian winter;
In the warm desert and Mediterranean climate, Spanish roof tiles are the lowest and cheapest.
Thanks to these technologies, Spanish clay roof tiles can be used in homes almost anywhere in the world.
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