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Synthetic resin tile handling process

by:Redwave     2023-01-14

What should be paid attention to when handling synthetic resin tiles?

The customer transferred back after purchasing the resin tile. When unloading the car, the resin tile was often scratched or cracked due to bumps or manual transfer. It's not that the quality of the resin tile is not good, and the manufacturers don't take the blame. No matter how good the resin tile is, how can it not be broken when it is bumped or dropped to the ground when it is transferred? Here are some tips for transferring, handling with care, preventing dragging, and the stack is not too high.

The first step is to prevent the surface of the resin tile from being scratched when loading and unloading the resin tile, and prevent dragging during loading and unloading.

The second step is to load and unload every few pieces.

In the third step, when loading and unloading resin tiles, there must be one person every three meters, holding both sides of the resin tiles, the height is the same as the head, so as to prevent the resin tiles from being broken.

Step 4: During the process of hoisting the resin tile to the roof, it is forbidden to bend vertically and horizontally to prevent it from cracking.

In the fifth step, the resin tiles should be piled up on the solid and flat ground. The bottom and top of each pile should be protected by packaging boards. It is forbidden to place heavy objects on it to prevent the resin tiles from cracking, and the height of each pile of resin tiles cannot exceed one meter.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to its maintenance work according to different use environments. When installing, we should also pay attention to correct operation and maintenance, so that we can better exert its effect and extend its service life.

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